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  1. I've been out of the loop with Chrome and Opera for awhile now, how are they doing on addons/extensions? I still personally use Firefox, solely because of the multitude of addons it maintains, (NoScript, Smarterfox, Firebug, WOT, Stumpleupon to name a few) most of which I couldn't live without. As for security, when you factor in NoScript and WoT for Firefox, how does it compare to Opera and Chrome? Also, last time I checked, Chrome was indeed faster (Loading web pages, executing Java code) than Firefox, not sure about Opera. And if I remember correctly Chrome runs separate instances for tabs
  2. Depends on what you're upgrading from really, if I didn't already have Vista, I would without a doubt upgrade to 7 from XP, but that's my personal opinion.
  3. Is it possible for computers to support multiple types of RAID simultaneously? As in, could I run RAID 0 for the increased performance, as well as operate a RAID 1 to have a mirror drive, just in case one of my RAID 0 drives fails? Thanks for any advice.
  4. Operating System: Windows XP SP2 Ok, yesterday I found out that the drive letter of my HD was not C: and this caused an error in one of my programs. However, since it is the boot drive, it doesn't allow you to change the drive letter easily. So I went about the more complicated way and used the Registry. Here is the guide I used: I realize exactly what I did. When I changed my drive letter I wanted to Z, and changed the drive I wanted (H:) to be C:, I made the mistake of not changing the Z drive back to H: Now, whenever I boot, it