Remembrance For Il-wiccan

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Hi everyone.

As you all know by now, our very good friend, and long time member at all our forums, (TTV, G4 and here along with others) il_wiccan, has gone missing and is presumed to have passed away sometime last October.

Well, today would have been his 55th Birthday, so I would like all his friends here to quietly have a moment of silence at home, in memory of our old friend Gary.

We've tried to contact Gary many times over the last year, I have emailed him along with many other friends of his, Marsh has phoned him, and Marsh has also checked all the obituaries for his area around the time he disappeared, but no luck. To this day, nobody knows for sure just exactly what has happened to Gary (that I know of yet), but we DO know that he would never have been gone this long without something drastic having happened. Unfortunately, that's the only scenario we have left, he had too many close friends he kept in constant contact with, who have never heard from him again.

Please, everyone who knew him, or if you didn't...just because he was one of the "Original" Besttechie members (#12), please take a moment today to remember our old friend and wish him peace.

And this one is from all of us who loved this bit....."hahahahahahahahahahah"

R.I.P. old friend, I miss you.


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Very well said Chappy. I do miss him a lot. I first met him on TTV where he was so helpful to this newbie at the time when all I knew was how to turn on my computer and send a few emails. He took time to teach me step by step to do many things. He had such patience, and a great sense of humor.

The best birthday wish we could have is to have him come on here, and say thanks. Just dropping by to say hello with his signature hahahahahahaha.

Take care my friend wherever you are.


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He is missed for sure, he could light up a thread with his sense of humor or just his "hahahahahhaha....". When I opened BestTechie before the forums...just when there was a site Gary and I used to just chat on email about stuff on the TTV forums. Could always count on him to liven things up. R.I.P Buddy. You are missed.


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i to endorse the other posters


i had a personal interest with i_ll

as i had his email

which he sent when TK had the car accident

and he an i used to communicate

i miss him

and it is so sad to not hear froma dear freind

thanks for the reminder chappy

sadly missed


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I also am hoping against hope that he is still alive but just not posting for a good reason... not a bad one!

I miss the hahahaha humor and his great park bench avatar making it seem like life's meaning was just a lazy day of lying on a park bench with a bottle of JD in hand as life's big joke on all of us!

I also learned from his tech expertise when I first started out with this computer and with TTV. Thanks to him, and to so many others, I can actually manage to turn this thing on and even enjoy using it...most of the time!!! :rolleyes::rolleyes:

So with hope that he is ok and someday reads this, I will give him my standard birthday greeting, along with a request for him to check in with the friends he used to correspond with by phone, email, or PM, and the boards too if possible. Everyone misses him!!!

May you be blessed with a long life filled with good health, happiness, and prosperity.

Edited for clarification.


God bless everyone

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happy birthday il_wiccan.

on these boards we get to know people and they become just like family.

then one day they are gone and we are left wondering.

even though we've never really met them it is like losing family.

it's funny how simple things like words typed in a forum can bring people close yet the leaders of the world cannot get along.

I've always believed if you can sit and talk to someone over a cup of coffee you could never be hostile to that person.

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That brings up a very important point that I never really thought about.

The internet, or at least the internet as we now know it with amenities such as this forum, has not been around for that long.

We "befriend" people that we never would have been able to previously.

And suddenly they are gone.

Real life encounters (non virtual) offer simpler solutions usually.

You KNOW when your neighbor doesn't come out of the house for a few weeks. You KNOW when your fellow workmate doesn't show up for a month.

But we meet so many online friends now who we only know as that.

And then they disappear.

I'm going to have to give this some thought.

I "met" Wiccan way back in the early TechTV days.

He had been an expert on computers when I was a beginner and helped me out with a lot of learning.

It's quite possible that he is fine and just droped offline. Maybe. I know I like to do that at times.

Or maybe not.

Wiccan, if somehow you hear this "bit", drop a line.


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Marsh hasn't been here at BT's for some time also....

I know he's still posting at G4 and I get an email from him now and then, but he hasn't been coming in here regularily for awhile now...I wonder why.

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If Drew were here I know he would wish li_wiccan a Happy Birthday, he thought enough to name a topic for him and he was well liked in not only Drew's fourm but here and G4's fourms.

I only wish I had known such a free sprit.

God Bless!


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