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  1. Happy Birthday Buddy! Papa
  2. Happy Birthday Robroy! Looking to chat with you soon! Papa
  3. papa

    An American Hero

    Very Moving! Thanks! God Bless! Papa
  4. papa

    Darned Good Advice

    Good advice Liz! I have done the no sign credit/debit card thing for years, I have found, amazing as it is, most vendors do not check the back of the card! I then ask why??? Papa
  5. Happy Birthday(late on here) my friend! Papa
  6. Bearskin, So glad to hear from you! Deeply sorry for the rough 07. From all of us, here is to a great 08 for you! Please do stop by DW, many are missing you and your words of wit! Good luck and God Bless Papa
  7. Thanks everyone! Darn good to hear from all you great folks! Havent been up here in a bit, mostly hangin at DW. Winter is settin in here pretty good, snow and cold today! I'll try to stop by more often, but please do stop and say 'HI' to the DW crew! God Bless, Papa
  8. Drops! Just crusin', thought would say HI! Papa
  9. Happy Birthday Hitest! Stop in and chat sometime! papa
  10. papa


    This just happened last night at our place, altho I was working in the yard prior to firing up the grill! Cold beer and a grill, a match made in heaven! Thanks Marty!! Papa
  11. NUTZ.........................
  12. Liz is right! I would be darn careful putting exotic additives in my fuel tank. Some may do more damage than good. I have seen many items that will melt normal rubber and plastic parts found on and in todays engines. Papa
  13. lol OMG, I should complain when the kids don't take off their shoes or come in in wet bathing suits???????? Got to love them tho!!! Papa