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So you want to get to know people like me? Like a little personal info....?

Ok I live in ware shoals SC....

On a dairy farm

got 400+- cows

milk them(that type of dairy milk goes to PET)

Would like to get a job in pcs or pc programming exc pc stuff

Hobby: like riding atvs on the farm land/swimming,football and such

There a little personal info if you didnt want it o well.....

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50 year old disabled construction worker from Central NY (SE corner of Lake Ontario). Former heavy drinker and smoker. Took a flier and had a piece of old angle iron penetrate my calf right to the bone the week before 9/11/01. I ended up with a internal staph infection that attacked my already weakened liver which accelerated it into cirrhosis. I had a liver transplant March of last year. I've regained about 50% of my strength back and am looking for a new career seeing as the surgeons have stated I'll not be doing the type of heavy work I'm used to.

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Man thats rough, Friend of mine fell and impaled himself on some rebar, Took him forever to recover. You ever thought about building inspector type job, helpful have the background


I did a stint as a soils, concrete and welding inspecter. It drove me nuts not being able to just jump in and do the job myself plus the pay was way lower.

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hi team im a retired 64 year old

and i live in the south pacific new zealand .ive been a member of techtv boards for 3-4 years or was.and if it wasnt foe cfh

i would be compt illiterate .

ive made o lot of friends on these boards.ans i want to keep it like that

somr times i get pasted for being a bit straight forward.and say what i think.but here i at besttecie i try to keep a low profile tho ive been told off once.

i dont like g4 a hell of a lot.but i go there because a lot of my friends post there .

i am a retired muso.the o still mees around with my eletric base nothing serious .just a few jams now and then.my special jobe used to be cruise ships and i saw half of the world because of it

thanks for the oppertunity to mouth off


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OK.....here goes..!!


2 daughters..(grown up and on their own)

I work at Road Maint./Construction

I live in Saskatchewan,Canada

My hobbies are....music/guitars...and of course my new one...learning what I can about computers....thanks to a lot of people from the old CFH/TSS.

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Hi all.

Joined the TTV message boards back in 2000, and other tech related boards there after.

I am 46 years old, and live in the Black Hills of S.D.

Will be married 25 years the 6th of Oct. Spent 20 years working in the Homestake Gold Mine before they shut down in 98, after 126 years of mining gold.

I now work in one of the larger casinos in my area as the head slot tech. I do all the work and repairs on the slot machines and I am in charge of the CDS System. (computer data system) which incorporates the slot machines together with the rest of the network.

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Married for 20 years; 47 years old.

I've got two kids

I'm employed as a Grade 4/5 Teacher; I've been teaching for 21 years. I provide tech support for the staff and students at my school.

I love computers and software especially Linux.

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Okay...I'll toss my two pennies in the pot.

Single (divorced) male - 30 yrs old

Living in the Dallas, TX area

Work at an Information Tech company that provides all kinds of different services to clients - I'm the dispatcher here. I troubleshoot level one calls, fix what I can by phone (which often isn't much since I'm really just learning) and pass the rest on to the guys in the field. Gives me a LOT of time at the computer.

Like to read, watch movies, video games, and of course - learning about computers. Lovin' this forum...

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I'm also a Call for Help/Screensavers expatriate. 34 year old financial analyst for a company that provides services to the developmentally disabled. Lived around LA most of my life, went to undergrad in Nashville. I've been married for 4 years with a 2 year old daughter and another child due in February. I always enjoyed playing on computers, then found TechTV a couple of years ago and discovered I enjoyed playing with computers also.

If it hasn't been said enough, I'd just like to thank those of you who actually know what they're doing and take the time to share with those of us who are trying to learn.

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Man I hate these things because you can't know or understand me with out know my work (huge workaholic). But it's not fair to you guys, for all of you to be brave and me to just sit and watch so here it goes. Trust me it's not as much as it sounds. I've just been doing this junk since I was in diapers.

-My name is robert lute

-Single male

-23 believe it or not I'm still only 23

-currently live in Colorado Springs, Co

-used to live in Semi Valley, Ca

-no kids or pets, unless you count my GF :P

-Former member of the Microsoft Prodigy Program

-Founded Media Extreme Unlimited (Multimedia Company)

-Founded Custom Mac World (old school custom Macs) (meaning instead of just modding and making them look pretty we made the fastest Macs around) (I still hold the record for the fastest B&W G3 comp.)

-I have no sence of humor :rolleyes:

-Worked in R&D of a defense contractor, apple comp., Life Messages, several production comp.

-Created the Life Album which later was sold to Apple who chopped it up and threw in some apple spices to make iTunes and iPhoto. I've worked on several short films locally. First of all No I didn't get any of the money. The company owners took it and ran off to Mexico or something. The best I could get was a job at Apple for a little while. Secondly No I didn't make the particle graphics in iTunes, they added that in and I'm very impressed with it. I still want to meet the guy who added that part in cause it took a huge amount of programing. Thirdly I only wrote the program that they are based on and helped with the prototypes. Beleive me, they have gone far beyond what I did back in 98.

Like I said it's not as much as it sounds and I hate to write all this but this is my life. It's who I am, I am my work.

Sorry again for all the reading.

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Hi all, little bit about me.

single male

San Francisco, Ca.

into PC's,games, sci-fi, comics,spend a lot of time on the internet ,I also spend time on a food forum.Since I work in the restaurant industry, I like cooking all types of food and wine.

Joined TechTv boards a while back when I was building a computer, and came across the site for some information. Really liked what was being posted,information,ease of navigation, quality citizens, and thus joined my first online community. Migrated to the G4 boards, but quickly became disallusioned, rather than post nonsense of how the boards suck, I just stopped posting there. Needless to say,I came along and joined this great forum.

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wow thats an impressive resume

Nahhh! Just wait until I get my so called career back on track. I just gota work my way out of this slight little teeny tiny debt first.

Hi Mac,

Don't let him fool ya folks, this ones a keeper! He's also quite modest about his many accomplishments. :D

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I had a liver transplant March of last year.

Hi all,

I'm an artist semi-retired (as if an artist can ever retire :lol:) not by choice forced by illness, kidney failure and liver failure. Thank you so much Terrorist 75 for sharing your story! I can differently feel your pain. My partner's liver is much worse than mine and needs a liver now.. On the other hand I need a kidney. I'm starting to think that we are being pieced out part by part. :rolleyes: You have no idea how your post effected me. Thank you so much!!!

I've been married for 29 years and have four children, two grandchildren. I'm also a "TTV" displaced person looking for familiar faces :D

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