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  1. I've been trying to find a review for that Rosewill drive and I can't seem to find one. That doesn't mean that it isn't a good drive, but it does seem like more of a gamble. I did find a review of dual-layer DVD burners at that should help a little. Sometimes anandtech's reviews get a little overly technical, but if you skip to the summary sections at the end they are quite helpful.
  2. I haven't had any noticeable slowdown either. Maybe you could check with your ISP?
  3. Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday dear Bearskin Happy birthday to you! (Does that mean I have to pay royalties to Warner Communications? read this)
  4. There are probably many opinions about this question (that seems pretty stupid, there are probably many opinions about almost all questions )! Anyway, I would say it depends on what you intend on using them for. Will they just be for storage? Or will you be loading an OS on them? If you're just using them as storage drives for media files (or whatever), I wouldn't worry about partitioning them. From what I understand, there are some advantages to partitioning primary drives so that your data files are separated from the OS (in case you need to reinstall the OS, your data is unaffected)
  5. Judging from your response to BitBangerUSA's post, I'm not sure if you saw that he posted a link to Seagate's FAQ about SATA. He wasn't asking what SATA is, he was describing the link. If I am incorrect, I apologize.
  6. Does the 7000 series support DirectX 9.0? ATI's page seems to indicate that it doesn't. However, I might be reading this wrong or it might be out of date. Does anyone know if the 7000 series will support DirectX 9.0
  7. You do not have to install 98 first, the XP upgrade installation will ask you to insert your 98 disk (it's just checking to make sure you have a qualifying version) and will then continue with a normal clean install. Here is the list of qualifying products. As you can see your 98 works. It won't matter if it's OEM or retail.
  8. I now understand your point, iccaros. I used Mandrake for a week or so and didn't really "learn" anything. There was nothing wrong with it, in fact it was a very refreshing change from XP. However, I couldn't really say I knew anything more about Linux than I did the week before. (probably because everything was working so well, I didn't have any problems to solve!) So, l decided to give Gentoo a shot. (I was too chicken to try LFS) Wow! I certainly did learn a lot more about CLI and troubleshooting and editing conf files, etc. I wimped out and did a stage 3 install from a LiveCD, so I
  9. Actually, that's not a bad picture of me.
  10. Many companies (especially large ones) are forced to implement written policies that remove the ability to use common sense and judgement from all levels of employment. They (they being upper management) require different departments (most especially HR) to follow these policies instead of exercising independent thought in order to shield themselves from lawsuits (it doesn't really work, but it does give the company's attorney something concrete to point to if there is a discrimination suit brought against them). It really does come down to more than just laziness. It is also a fear of liti
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    I just went to the site to send gmail invites to the troops and they said they have more than enough. It seems that supply is outpacing demand! Does anyone know of any other worthy causes to send these things to?
  12. I'm just learning this stuff too (so don't take my word for it), but I think wine is almost analagous to a windows emulator. I say almost because I know it isn't an emulator but I don't know how else to explain it. It is supposed to allow you to run windows softare. Hopefully, someone who can explain it better will respond soon, but I wanted to give it a shot.
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    I'm also a Call for Help/Screensavers expatriate. 34 year old financial analyst for a company that provides services to the developmentally disabled. Lived around LA most of my life, went to undergrad in Nashville. I've been married for 4 years with a 2 year old daughter and another child due in February. I always enjoyed playing on computers, then found TechTV a couple of years ago and discovered I enjoyed playing with computers also. If it hasn't been said enough, I'd just like to thank those of you who actually know what they're doing and take the time to share with those of us who ar
  14. Et voila! Mandrake 10.0! (boy was that easy!)
  15. Thanks BitBangerUSA! A friend of mine has a Belkin switch I'm going to borrow. I'll see if there's any difference. The image just isn't quite as sharp as it should be and its kind of giving me a headache. I'll let you know if there's a difference.