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  1. I honestly don't even need the 1 and 2 gig mailboxes unless I need more space for backing up info on my computer.
  2. DULLES, Va. - America Online Inc. launched a free, Web-based e-mail service on Monday, departing for the first time from a fee-based subscription model as it moves to compete with free, and increasingly large, e-mail accounts offered by the likes of Google Inc. and Yahoo Inc. The unit of media conglomerate Time Warner Inc. said the service will provide users with two gigabytes of storage, along with protection against viruses and spam. The mail program is being marketed as an extension of the company's popular chat application, AOL Instant Messenger, and users of that program will be able to
  3. Excellent! Thanks for the link!
  4. hehehe....welcome! I could definately use your site sometimes. I've got it bookmarked now
  5. Happy Belated Birthday!!!!
  6. Mornin robroy! I hope you brought me one of those plain doughnuts with the chocolate on the top!
  7. LOL Yes, there is a wonderful bf in the picture, but that doesn't stop other things from "popping up" Well the semester is FINALLY over with! I did very well in all my classes and ended up with Straight A's this semester. I really went out with a BANG in my senior year. I'm very proud to be on the President's list this semester. Take care everyone!
  8. Was opportunity the only thing that was rising? LOL
  9. I seriously doubt they are "being phased out".
  10. Thanks so much everyone! I'm the lucky birthday girl who gets to spend all day at work and taking my LAST final exams, so tonight really will be a reason to PARTAY!
  11. Happy Belated Birthday!!!!!!
  12. Doing that, they'll still show when you click the little arrow.
  13. Many of the themes and extensions are having problems with the new update. On my work computer, I had firefox running fine til the update as well. When I reinstalled it with a fresh version without any additives, everything was fine. When I started installing some extensions, that's when things went bad and I could no longer use firefox, even if I uninstalled it and reinstalled it. I'm personally thinking it's something to do with the registry. When This first happened, I hacked ( ) the registry on the work computer and took out some of the entries (don't remember which ones now though), and