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  1. i have a problem with my laptop when i turn it on all the lights go on but then shut down right away. It keeps doing this. I checked the ac adapter and battery all fine. any ideas?
  2. Don't even think about an emachines unless you need a toilet no offense to Emachines users
  3. My ULTRA is super powerfull and great. the OEM ones really suck
  4. I just ordered a sound blaster audigy 2 zs platinum. it costs $170, $70 after rebates at Comp-U-Plus I am goin to replace my MadDog 5.1 card with it I found this card on clearance a few days ago at Office Max $9
  5. Hello, My families 52" big screen rear projection TV just broke. The screen is all weird and the repair man said it would be better to just get a new TV. So we are researching them. We get a discount from Panasonic sinch my father works for UPS. It is pretty big, around $1000. Now we saw 2 TV's we really like. One was a LCD projection TV and one was a DLP TV. The LCD projection TV is cheaper and has a rebate. The DLP TV is more expensive. BUT which one is better? Thanks!
  6. I dont know th extra four Pixel Pipes do make quite a difference, also the 6800 has new shader technology, very cool
  7. i have an x800xl and it runs BF2 like a dream runs better then the 6800's
  8. Yeh but see, on of the main reasons I want it is because it gives me something to do, and a sense of accomplishment. Also, it looks cool and i can brag about it
  9. VERY Solid HURRY!!!! 1 day sale!
  10. WOW!! I only get around 5500 on the 3dmark i hope is my memory
  11. Hello, I just got some great emmory for my computer thanks to "Ieatharddrives" Now I want to get a liquid cooling system for some overclocking. I have an AMD X2 3800 and NForce 4 motherboard I also have an ATI Radeon X800XL GPU What liquid cooling system around $200 will support this? I want something good and powerfull I was looking at THIS Any other suggestions? Thank You!
  12. Thank you!! I got it, great latency!!!!! we have the same system basically qhat did you score on the 3dmark?
  13. I am adding more memory to my system. I want 1gb more and want to pay less then $100 What is the best I can get? I NEED it before X-mas, and helps The real question is should i get 1, 1gb stick or 2 512 Dual Channel ones? I was looking at THIS(single) or THIS(dual) or anything different? I want to make my order soon so please help!
  14. PM me I'host you for free