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    Hello Again

    10-4 on the half life joke, I have a buddy of mine doing a theoretical physics major for "fun."
  2. xxkbxx

    Hello Again

    Haha, found out I today passed my classes from this semester (A and 2 B's)! So now I'm half of the way to my degree in mechanical engineering - but I'm surprisingly the tech go-to guy around my friends when people in my house have computer problems, or have wanted to build computers (comp sci majors don't know anything about "real" computer problems)
  3. It does the same thing after trying that. Just for fun I set it up with a static IP, and it worked immediately, but I want to leave it to auto detect since the majority of the time my folks use the laptop it'll be traveling using hotel wifi.
  4. xxkbxx

    Hello Again

    Hey folks, I used to be pretty active on here probably from 2005-2007, but have just been incredibly busy and haven't posted here (and feel kinda guilty). Every now and then I've stopped by and read some posts from some of the familiar faces around here, Jeff, marty, hondaboy, bubba bob, ect, and just wanted to say hey! I'm on my Xmas break from school (I'll be a junior next semester at MIT if I passed all of my finals) and I really felt like doing some internet reminiscing since this site, especially the forum, was a pretty big part of my tech knowledge growth. Happy Holidays! Kevin
  5. Hey y'all - some of you might recognize me if you've been on here for over 2 years, I was on here a lot before life got freaking busy with college and all. I got into MIT 2 years ago, and it slowly has stolen my soul and freetime! But, anyways, I've run into a problem with a laptop of mine - I'm fixing up my old IBM T30 to give to my dad for Christmas. It's got a fresh install of XP Pro with SP3, all the drivers installed, all the updates (it's about the n-millionth time I've done this before) The problem is that the internal wireless card will recognize a network upon start up, try to conne
  6. Yeah, all my parts came in today/yesterday, unfortunately I had them mailed up to my dorm at school, but I'll be there Sunday and can finish the build before I start classes.
  7. Hello everyone, I haven't been on here in over a year thanks to college/work/football but I thought my most recent build deserves a little showing off. My plan is to build a small computer, as in size of the case, with a budget at about $500, to be used at school (in case anyone who knew me when I was active on here a while ago cares, I got into MIT, thus I little free time now ) Basically it's going to be hooked up to my TV and used for N64 and SNES emulators, and for watching movies, music and such. Once I get it built I'm going to buy the actual controllers with usb adapters for authentic
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    New To Me

    Here's one that might go over a few heads ... EDIT - Uhhh...not over mine bud, and I don't think it's suitable for our forums, sorry. I've removed it because it's just too graphic a statement.
  9. Honestly, I've never seen a CD/DVD drive stop working because of firmware of drivers
  10. I bought a 360 the first week of the summer, and I've been so busy with work, school, and football that I've played it about 6 times.
  11. So I guess I CAN legally buy a CD without a license, but it'll have to be through eBay or such because Microsoft doesn't want retailers selling it's software where it can easily be pirated. I guess I'll have to find someone at school with the CD and then use my personal key. Thanks guys
  12. Hello everyone, I've got two computers at home with XP Pro licenses that are running XP Home because I don't have the Pro CD. Basically I need an XP Pro CD without paying for the license, since I already have 2 that aren't activated. Is this possible/legal?
  13. Just put the hard drive in as slave for copying the files. But, if you need to use both computers and don't plan on buying anything else, you need to grab a KVM
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    Modded The Cell

    Actually no, probably the first thing i've ever put back together that needed all the parts. Generally there are some pointless screws or something
  15. what was the damage (if you don't mind me asking) My laptop (parts) off of eBay for roughly the same computer cost me around $400
  16. You should grab a KVM switch or 2 so you can have one monitor with multiple computers being worked on
  17. Then you're fine just a pain in the arse
  18. Got the battery today and it's charging now. Hopefully I'll get the CD drive soon, I expect it will be shipped out either Friday or Monday from Canada. Too bad I have basically no free time these days. I'm taking an extra class period (AP Physics) before school and that class recently has been giving me 1.5 hours of homework a night + my Calculus. Even worse, I'll start having English homework on Monday (we're reading a play in class now so there's no outside reading). AHHHH!!!!!!!
  19. Looking good! Hope it fills up quickly
  20. Does it affect performance at all? Or does is the power profile just differenet?
  21. ESD is as likely as being struck by lightning these days. I have a wriststrap when I work on certain things, but I ussually don't use it
  22. I definitly didn't want to skimp on the battery. I should get it this week, and the CD Drive next week. I downloaded SUSE 10.1 while I was out of town since it was about 4 GB for the DVD installer with optional programs. From the online tut's it looks like I'll have some options when it comes time for the installation - will it hurt to just enable about everything? I've got a 20GB Hard drive, so having almost 4GB of OS files won't bug me, and I've got enough power to run them (I believe this system will even meet Vista capabilities!) I figure that in the near future I may upgrade the wirele
  23. Multimeter, Soldering iron, all sorts of plyers, jewlwer's screwdrivers, magnetic screw drivers, LOTS of electrical tape
  24. I got my new LCD and power cord in yesterday. I put them in around 1:00 in the morning (I got home late from my football game) cause I'm going out of town later today until Sunday Afternoon. Got the screen all in position, and turned that baby on to post! P4 2.0 512MB RAM 20GB Hard Drive Integrated B WLAN NEW IBM Battery CDRW/DVD ROM drive (coming in about a week) Total = $395
  25. If its just a disk dont waste the money, I can send you whatever disk you want no charge. And before you install look for an install how-to specific to your model machine. No no, it's for a CD RW DVD Reader Drive for IBM T series, kind of like this one: http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewIt...ADME:B:RTQ:CA:1 I definitly shouldn't leave out details like that, I jumped from one thing to another!