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  1. Okay my friend and I are having a debate on a recent webisode he found on current.com. It's called the IT Chicks, its like 5 minutes long and i thought it was so-so. Some funny lines and the brunette is fine, but he thinks its HILARIOUS and feels it should be a full-time show on cable tv...which i don't think is a BRIGHT idea (yet anyway). If you guys have 5 minutes or so, help us decide who is rightt... http://current.com/items/90484233_hot-chic...kato-kaelin.htm
  2. Harry Potter has 90% on Rotten Tomatoes so far...not too shabby...I'm hyped. Not hyped enough to camp out at midnight yesterday (or is today? confusing), but hyped neverthless.
  3. When's the PS3 slim coming out? I heard July, now I don't know...
  4. i got my dad a hug, cuz that's all i could afford
  5. Hi, I have 33 month old Macbook Pro. I have gotten the battery replaced once because it hadn't been giving me the time off-cord it did when I first got it. It now has the same problem and Coconut Battery says I have 16% the battery capacity I once had. Is it cuz of overheating? I also have 545 loadcycles if that helps..
  6. I'm new. Want to just say that I look forward to my problems solved and yours...btw master wong, why you a hater?