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  1. It seems like a lot of folks have problems with Nero 7. I being one of them, I solved mine by going back to 6.6. and so did many others. It seems like one fix was to install version 7, choose custom and uncheck all the default file associations. I have not tried this but you may want to give it a shot. brax
  2. Try this number, (800) 936-5700 . If your pc will boot, on the activation screen, choose i want to activate by phone. brax
  3. here is a wide choice with several scenerios. brax
  4. This is what I found here Note about copy protection and region codes: Hollywood studios created region codes so DVD titles could be released in stages in different parts of the world. Consumer-level DVD authoring applications can only generate "region-free" or uncoded DVDs that (should) play anywhere, except for the NTSC vs PAL format difference. CSS and Macrovision copy protection is also not available for consumer authoring, but it seems of little interest anyway. Software that will "rip" protected DVDs is very widespread. brax
  5. Sbc yahoo dsl 24.00 per month 1242 down 302 up brax
  6. unless the components are exactly the same, you may have a problem. xp takes a hardware inventory and if you change to much, you may have to reactivate, or get a blue screen. without the xp cd..... in the past before moving the hard drive to a different machine, i have gone to the device manager, and ininstalled all the devices, ide, floppy, video etc. then turned the pc off, move the harddrive to the new machine, turn it on and crossed my fingers. about 75% of the time it booted and loaded the new devices, but the other 25, i got blue screened and had to do a "repair install" give it a shot,
  7. you didn't say what os you have, but this is for xp. i don't know which "website" folders, but you can right click on the folder, choose properties, then security and set permissions there. if this is not what you want post back. brax
  8. Let me add my best wishes also. I got back just in time!!! Many more, and God Bless Brax
  9. preston; glad to see you around. it will be good to get back to basics. brax
  10. the short answer is that it looks at your system on boot up, then optomizes it for the most efficent (fastest) boot time. here is a link that will explain it in detail. what it does brax
  11. you can download mike lins startup control panel. that will enable you to turn off uneeded startup items. you can also run bootvis. get it here to optomize your start up. brax
  12. nitti

    Other Board

    i just tried and they are still down. must be some power outage!!! brax
  13. it looks like when you are formatting you are hitting the 132 gb limit. what are you using to format? xp should see the whole drive. maybe a bios update... i would use the xp install disk, delete existing partitions then create new ones. brax
  14. "I'm about ready to surrender and suffer with dial-up" what exactly are you trying to do? set up a network, or connect to broadband internet service? brax