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  1. Got a new mobo and things are working fine. Thanks for all the ideas though.
  2. I finally tried everything i could and couldnt ifnd the problem. Took it to a local shop and they told me the motherboard was shot. I ordered one from newegg and it should be here in 1-3 days. W00t!
  3. Ok when i turn my computer on everything spins up but my monitor wont come on. If i turn it off for a few hours and try again, sometimes it works. To me it sounds like a powersupply problem or possibly a hard drive issue. Any ideas? Oh and i checked my monitor, thats not the problem.
  4. plus they offer a three year warrenty on all of their boards. I just replaced a dell oem mobo with an asus for just $45. I do not see my self buying any other brand. I think im going to go with the MSI. Its 98 bucks on newegg and the asus is 115. I figure you cant go wrong with msi either. Still not ruling out the asus though.
  5. Well i found a 7800 gtx at a local computer shop. The guy there said it didnt work and it was only 50 bucks so i bought it. Low and behold all it needed was as new fan. I bought an arctic silencer for it and it works great. Lucky me!! Anyways now i need a new mobo to run my 2 7800's in sli. I would love to keep it under 100 bucks if i can. Any suggestions on this new mobo is great appreciated.
  6. Dont wait on new tech. Thats an endless cycle. I remember people saying they were going to wait till the 9800pro came out, then they were like oh we will weigh till the 6600gt, oh wait no, the x800xl, and they still dont have a card. Buy the best card you can afford now.
  7. Check out the DFI Lan Party mobo's. All are good. As for a case, i prefer the classic clean look. Check out the antec sonata. Supposed to keep things quiet too.
  8. I took out my ram, brushed the dust out of the slots and popped them back in. I guess we will see if this works or not.
  9. Yeah, the temps never change. I think ill just take everything out except the mobo, use compressed air and clean everything out and put everything back in place. It couldnt be a vid card could it? Because the screen never flickers or anyhting, comp just slows way down.
  10. Ok, every couple of days my computer will slow down dramatically and ill hear one like beep that lasts until i restart my computer. Once i restart its fine for a few days. Its not a heat or fan issue. Is this the hard drive?
  11. The Sony MDR-EX71SL/WK are sweet headphones. You can get them for about 30+. If you really want top of the line sound save some extra money and get the Etymotic ER6 isolators. They suck for bass heavy music, but if you like listening to the way music is supposed to sound, you cant beat those.
  12. If all else fails, you can get a new cd key from microsoft for 10 bucks or so. I had to do that. God, microsoft tech support sucks. I didnt know there were so many people in india named "kevin"
  13. Read VERY CAREFULLY. Do exactly as it says. Then enjoy the awesome cooling system!
  14. Check out cnet or something and read some reviews. If you want a great monitor though, i just got the hpf2105. Its amazing. The speakers are actually decent too. I got mine for 600 after rebates. Little pricey but worth it. Samsung makes some great 17-19 inch monitors too.