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  1. Well,let me give you the kicker. After almost 36 hours of fighting my new phone,turns out the damned thing is defective. I've gopt to send it back to Georgia and wait for a new one. Screw the fact that I paid to overnight it or that I've wasted all this time. T-Mobile says,"Sorry". My advice is if you want the newest and best,wait! I'm tired of screaming at people,I'm going to bed. Any advice on the PEBL?
  2. I don't subscribe,I buy the prepaid cards and get the songs that way. I know the one program they have lets you put all you want on your portable player but only for a month at a time. At least I own the songs outright.(I think!) Now I can get the songs onto the phone but I'm having memory issues. It never ends. Norm
  3. Thanks so much for the help. if I'd just come here 24 hours ago I'd have had a lot less stress! It's not a very elegant way to transfer files but at least it works. Guess I better get to it before they plug this hole! Thanks, Norm
  4. All right,I'm sure at some point this has been addressed around here but a search brought up nothing. Any help would be appreciated as I'm at my wits end! I just bought a new cell phone (Samsung t809) that has a built in MP3 player. Problem is that all my music files are from Napster and are in the WMA file format. I'm one of those honest types so all were purchesed legally and so are rights protected. The phone won't recognize anything but MP3 files. I've looked at a bunch of freeware and shareware programs but either they can't handle thr protected files or they only convert a small clip of
  5. Nice to see everyone again! You never know just how much something means until it's gone!!
  6. Liz,how could I miss yours!! I feel awful. Hope it was happy and special and full of family fun. Many,many,many more!
  7. Thank you Liz. This idiot won't take no for an answer. I don't know if I can get him off my daughters back but I plan to make sure he doesn't get after any other little girls!
  8. Let me know,anything we can do.
  9. Well it is a public account of course, but I'll have to get him to respond to me in order to find out where he is...I tried making a call to bell south, but my rep is unavailable at the time and she will be able to trace the email address to yahoo and yahoo can trace the IP usage...I'll post back when I get some information... <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  10. What the hell if he sues me,here he is:[email protected] Take him out and send me the bill!
  11. Problem is,as I found out the first time,Emails don't really matter.they can hide in oh so many ways. I know the law tries to help but they're not on top of the battle.This ass can put up 1000 different fronts and I don't know how to stop him . I just want the rest of the world to tell him off!!
  12. Your all familly,good luck!
  13. I've got a jerk who's sending obscene emails to my ten year old daughter. I've told him where to go go but he just keeeps on coming. I can tell just by the way his messages are worded that he's no twelve year old lothlorio (sp?) . I'm thinking of just putting his email out on that other forum and letting the OT crowd have their way. I'm I wrong? What should I do? I've already had one daughter molested and I don't think I can survive another. I can't think straight,help me.
  14. I'll post two. First,thanks to all of you guys and gals for making a refugee from that other place feel welcome. Second,the guy at Best buy who actually knew his stuff and really helped me on some recent purchases. Wasn't pushy and didn't try to sell the most expensive,just gave me his opinion and some good info. If they had more like him I wouldn't feel like I need camouflage when I walk in!
  15. So sorry I'm late!!! Happy belated birthday Blim. Oh you of the kind welcomes to new comers!! Damn job,if I just didn't have to pay bills I would have been on time!