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  1. Lol that's a lurker meme. We all know 100M Get is the new Epic Fail meme. There's also getting BNP members fired after someone leaked their member list to us. and etc.
  2. askbob

    Os Wars

    GoGoGo In this corner I'll be defending Windows XP Pro SP2
  3. I agree, VLC player is excellent, however there is a full codec for classic, hold on let me find it. kk I got it. K-Lite Codec pack (full)
  4. Somehow I'm doubting you're a /b/tard. If so do give me a meme.
  5. "Just goes to show you how we don't abuse our power here." Since the terms of service as I understand it ban members who disagree with the admins. "giant douche" Wow way to not embarrass yourself there Anyways back to this forum topic which has been sufficiently trolled out of context. Please do list some more freeware which is of value.
  6. In terms of "Shaping up" Do explain where I'm at fault. I fail to understand you're threats. Anyways its not like "banning" really means anything anyway. It's just a way for people to throw around the imaginary weight they think they have. Everyone knows that there is a negative correlation between your online persona and real life. So do explain where I'm out of shape.
  7. *Yawns* Go for it if you want to ban me, I really could care less.
  8. Lol coming from the person who banned me last time, that's a real compliment. Posting Moar...
  9. Lol do you want an OS war? I'm willing to fully defend Windows XP
  10. Occasionally degrade them.
  11. Haha I concede that argument Bubba. I meant these are just tools I use on other user's machines to remove the crap they get stuck on their machines. Since I do that for a living (I'm in college now and that earns the spare cash). However on my personal machine the only program I have installed is MBAM. As a just in case deal.
  12. Lol I've been here before but was banned lulz. But thanks for the second welcome. I do have to disagree, especially on the defragmenters. You're computer won't shutdown and stop working if you don't have them, however, you do see significant speed improvements from using the defragmenters. The others aren't needed parsay, but the others are excellent applications to enhance your computer experience. Also see customization software Thread I created.
  13. Infranview <--- an excellent in depth piece of freeware for editing pictures, very lite and very highly rated Foxit Reader <--- Way way way lighter than adobe will ever be. A great one to have. Media Player Classic <--- Plays all your DVD's and video files Open Office <--- A great replacement for the Microsoft Office Abbi word <--- have only heard great things about this word processing freeware. Foxfire <--- Explains itself Glary Utilities<--- A good all in one program Advanced System Care <--- Another great optimization program and all in one Pagefile Defragmenter
  14. 1. Avast (AVG got way too bloated) <---Virus Scanner 2. Malwarebytes <---- Best Malware scanner 3. ComboFix <--- Best automated remover and scanner (very powerful, only used if your trained) 4. HiJack This! <---Essential for finding malware (after MB scan) 5. CWS <--- I've been finding CWS in most of the adware infected machines I've found, this one is a good tool to have. 6. Norton + McAfee Removal Tools <---Bloated for Norton, uneffective for McAfee. 7. ATF Cleaner, makes scanning faster by deleting temp files. Make sure not to check your prefetch files, deleting t
  15. You could just scan with mbam, that'd fix it. Also you could give combofix a run.