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Seems to me one of our members is from Miami, anyone remember?  I'm thinking Handplane?? If I'm wrong, Handplane, check in please!!



handplane lives in Southeast Louisiana.

But, after that storm goes through Fl. the projection of it is headed towards me.

I live in the extreme SE part of Al. 90 miles north of Panama City.

We'll probably just get a Lot of rain.

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Been watching the news reports on this--boy it took a crazy hook around Florida---to our BT family in the area (and there's quite a few!) , get out of there and check in if you can. Thinking about you.


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This hurricane Katrina is one nasty one. My hope and prayers are with you all that live in this area. I'm sure we all will be thinking of you and pray everyone makes out OK.

Report back in as soon as you can to let us know you are OK. For now, get the heck out of there.

Take care all of you.


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Katrina isn't a hurricane, it's a big giant tornado! The Weather Channel just a while ago said the winds (175MPH) are equivelant to the winds in an F3 tornado. That's...very sobering. It heightens my awe of hurricanes. I live in Iowa, which will never be hit by a hurricane. But, being in tornado alley, I know and understand what an F3 tornado can do.

Now, widen that tornado from half a mile to 200 miles, and you get Katrina.

It's...indescribable to think about.

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