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  1. It appears that Monowall is a firewall only, not a full router that supports five network adapters simultaneously with multiple computers connected directly to it. Looking closer at Devil Linux leads to the same conclusion, it's not a multiple-port router, it only works with two NICs. Remember, the software must support four wired NICs and one wireless USB adapter, no less, with NO EXTERNAL HUB REQUIRED. The core function of the box is going to be a four-port wireless router. Firewall functionality is not mandatory. I want it to be the Linux box and ONLY the Linux box. What exactly do you mean
  2. Networking is one of my weak points. Linux is also one of my weak points. Combine networking with Linux, and I am hopelessly lost. I have an old-ish computer I cobbled together using various parts I had laying around (Celeron 900 with appropriate motherboard, 32MB RAM, 4GB harddrive, CD, floppy, etc). Now, I am wanting to turn this computer into a wired/wireless router to connect every computer in the house in preparation for a high-speed internet connection we shall hopefully be getting in the semi-near future. A secondary goal is to also use the router to network all of the computers togethe
  3. No, I know the people speaking are actually at the NWS because every now and then I'd hear them say something like "Quad Cities weather calling Cedar county" or similar, often during the same "We're about to issue a warning" communications (Only the NWS has the authority to issue warnings, not local law enforement/spotters). Also, the people on the TV would say "We're getting radio traffic from the National Weather Service" just before pausing to listen to it. After several hours of further hunting today, I did come across some radio frequencies called "SkyWarn" used by weather spotters and si
  4. SAME NWR Radio is the NOAA computer automated radio I mentioned earlier, not what I'm looking for. I might try getting ahold of the NWS offices directly, but I'm beginning to think the frequencies may be classified or something, otherwise I imagine I would have found something by now.
  5. I already have one of the "Police Call Plus" frequency guides from Radio Shack, and unfortunately it doesn't seem to have any of the National Weather Service live chatter frequencies in them.
  6. All right, here is the strangest request these forums will ever see, guaranteed 1,000%. I have a part-time minor interest in radio and police scanning and whatnot. I like listening to my police scanner every now and then, seeing what interesting things I can find. I also have an interest in the weather. Now, I live in east central Iowa (The Cedar Rapids/Waterloo area), right near the junction of the coverage areas for three different National Weather Service offices: Des Moines IA, Davenport IA and La Crosse WI (We're actually in the Davenport coverage area, but the Des Moines area is only one
  7. Try the following: START /WAIT sfc /scannow shutdown -r This should force the batch script to wait until SFC is done before continuing to the shutdown command. If that doesn't work, try putting quotes around sfc /scannow.
  8. Currently forced to use slow, clunky, nauseating dialup. Hopefully though in the next few months we'll be able to switch over to a public WiFi service offered by a local ISP (We're just barely within the 4-mile range of the transmitter tower).
  9. I finally managed to get it working using the built-in Internet Connection Sharing, but I had to get rid of ZoneAlarm to do it (It was preventing ICS from working, no matter how I configured it). So, now I have wireless dialup internet on my laptop, no proxy needed, and no program settings need to be changed when switching back and forth between hard-wired and wireless. And it's not running any slower than when I have the laptop hard-wired to the phone line. It works at full speed with no trouble whatsoever, primarily because I'm the only one using the connection.
  10. This is the current dialup internet connection on my laptop: Laptop --> Modem --> Phone Line --> Internet I am adding a second internet connection that functions like this: Laptop --> WiFi --> Desktop --> Software Proxy --> Modem --> Phone Line --> Internet I already have the second connection configured and working. What I need now is a way to make ALL of the programs on my laptop work with EITHER connection, WITHOUT having to go in to change the programs connection settings every time.
  11. I am not going to be sharing the dialup via WiFi, I am just using it to provide a method for my laptop (And ONLY my laptop, no other computers) to connect to the internet wirelessly. Thus, it wouldn't be any slower than just connecting my laptop directly to the phone line. Also, configuring a second dialup connection wouldn't be of any value, because it would still keep trying to use the internal modem on my laptop, something that isn't even part of the equation when connecting via WiFi.
  12. All right, I have a desktop and a laptop, both of which connect to the internet via dialup (We live in Iowa in the middle of a corn field, affordable broadband internet doesn't even exist here). Now, although having my laptop hard-wired into the phone line to connect to the internet is ok, I obviously would like to go wireless if possible. Ok, my laptop and desktop are already networked together via ad-hoc WiFi for file sharing purposes, so a wireless framework already exists that my laptop could potentially use for internet access. Thus, I figured I could install an internet proxy on my deskt
  13. If you double-click on any of those entries, it should pop up a window with more information. We need to know exactly what the details say before we can determine whether this is the cause of your problems or not.
  14. PRODUCT RECALL NOTICE: Polaroid Portable DVD Player Batteries As part of my public service to the computing and consumer electronics community, I wish to inform you all about an important recall notice regarding certain Polaroid Portable DVD Player Batteries. Affected batteries can overheat while being recharged, melting the plastic case and posing a risk of burn or fire to the user. For details about this recall, how to determine if your product is affected, and what to do if your product is affected, visit (Again, I realize this really isn't a "security" a
  15. I use a laptop as part of my business. I carry it with me to use as a means of connecting to the internet for research in the event my customer's computer is unable to connect or function properly. Even though I'm not a big fan of HP, if I had the money I'd buy myself one of these to replace my old on-the-verge-of-death clunker.