Your Wish Is Granted *with A Twist*

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Granted, your truck now has a 4 Cyl Engine, and Corvettes only come with the new Chevy V-twin.

  I wish I was on vacation.


Granted, you're going to Hawaii! But you lose your baggage at the airport and cannot get home due to lack of cash. You start work monday at the local zoo.

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Friday night and we sitting here mentally jousting.  Thats just sad.  :D


your wish is granted. no powers needed here. it just is. there's even a yearly convention going on right now i love going every year and instead i stuck at home by myself. man this is a downer.

new wish: i wish for a huge move for gorgeous women to want geeks and nerds instead of the wealthy good looking very blaa blaa blaa. in fact there is no need to mess with this wish. can it please just work, no twist needed on this one :D

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