Your Wish Is Granted *with A Twist*

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Radio, tictoc? Hahahahha! Now that's real funny. I drive a '97 with 290+K on it... When the heater broke, they made it "full" on. No temp control. And A/C is two windows, that if all the way down the wind blows right in your eyes because of the west coast mirrors... No luxury van here.

Granted, but the price of beer goes way up.

I wish I could lose weight.

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wish granted, just see your new set at the dentist ! my wish isn't gonna come true, i want peace on earth, no wars no fighting . sorry i know thats not a fair wish, but its all i want !!!!!!!

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i have a little something for just such and occasion so your wish is granted.


and that's it, there's no more world, no more people, no more taxes, no more BestTechie. you can go away now. there's nothing here anymore.

my wish may be kinda weird but here it goes. i wish for a big bunny rabbit. i figure that nothing can go wrong there. :)

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Aww, Macmarauder, as much as I would love to send you our cuddly "Rosie the Rabbit", keeping with the spirit of this thread, I would have to say your bunny is the "Rabbit from Monty Python's Holy Grail" (run away, run away!)

I wish I had a medium rare grilled mad-cow-free not rotten Porterhouse Steak.


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