Your Wish Is Granted *with A Twist*

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Ok here is how this works....I wish for something....and then you grant it but...put a stipulation on it and then list your wish.

For example:

I would post:

I wish my husband would clean out the garage.

You reply:

Wish granted, but....

your husband just moved everything out of the garage, and into your living room.

then you write "I wish that I could move into the country"

The next person could write....

Wish granted, but your move to the country meant you had to live on top of a toxic dump.

and then they would list their wish....

Got it???? Ok let's go, I'll start first!!!!

I wish I was the prettiest woman on earth......

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one clone coming up

I wish I was rich


No you have to put a stipulation on your wish is granted but your other clone took all your money and went to Vegas or something crazy like that.

By the way, your wish is granted - you are horse manure, and you have ten million pounds of it around your house....and the stock in horse manure just went bust today.

I wish I could go to bed right now.

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one bed here, a bed of nails and broken glass, sleep well :lol:

I wish I knew what I was doing


you wish is know what you're doing ..but you don't know who you're doing..

i still want to be 26 again...

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Your wish is granted but all your have is wishes and none of them will be granted (you didn't indicate you wanted granted wishes, just wishes)...

I wish I could eat whatever I wanted and never gain a pound


Your wish is granted but you can only eat with your hands tied behind your back.

I wish John Lennon would still be here.

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I wish the was a case stittng right here in front of me....And yea the answer will be an empty case or the like eh?......hahahahahahaha


A pile of papers appears in front of you, detailing the lawsuit filed against you.

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