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    I like building computers, music the average stuff.

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  1. My truck isnt really built for speed ( though it acts like it is). Its built more for stuff like this.
  2. I havent done any timed runs but I know for a fact that I can beat a dodge hemi truck in the 1/4 mile. I have 3:42s in the axles and 35s right now but when I get 4:88s and a detroit locker would be probbably be in the 14s. Thats pretty fast for a lifted truck! But for now I guess I am in the 16s or 17s.
  3. I would beat you in a truck pull easy. lol Whats your 1/4 mile time? 0-60? Thanks everyone, I love my Chevy. Heres a video before I put mufflers on after rebuilding it, just straight long tube hedders!
  4. Hey everyone IDK if yall remember me but I used to be here about a year ago then stoped posting here and started posting at Anyway in the past year I bought a 91' Chevy 1500 4x4 pickup with 35s 6" lift and 210,000miles on the clock, I rebuilt the engine to make 300hp and 400ftpounds of torque. I have also decided to become a firefighter and will be attending a fire school this comming January. American Muscle! So I just wanted to stop by and say hi and show off what I did over the summer. Comments? Questions
  5. Hey yall I just tried a diffrent power supply and that was the problem. It seems that the power supply thats in it is fairly new, oh well. I allredy found a powersupply for it and it is back in its owerns hands. thanks guys
  6. Hi everyone I havent talked on this form for ever, (been busy with alot of diffrent things in life). I have taken up hunting and have been doing that lately and I also got a new truck w/35" tires so have been doing some 4-weeling . anyway one of my buddys is having me fix his computer and when i plug it in and turn it on it turns on for just a second then off. no booting on the screen, nothing comes up. I have checked the cpu fan the heatsink but I cant figure it out. the computer is a custom built computer that is not even a year old. help please.
  7. Merry Christmas, may everyone have a happy and merry Christmas and rember Jesus is the reason for the season. We would not have Christmas if it was not for Jesus my lord and savior.
  8. Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes everyone. I had a Great time, I am known to be the biggest eater in the family so I ate alot I mean alot! My mom made a big meal so I helped finish it off <burp>. And Craberry Sauce is to be used with the eats, not the deserts,being in the south I allready know that one. I some times feel like I have two families, one online (yall), and my intermedit family (offline). Its great to see a bunch of people to get together and form a family even though some of us are so far apart. Happy Thanksgiving!
  9. Finaly the Best Techie forums are back as you can see. I have been deprived of my techie buddys. Thanks BT
  10. ampshock


    Yes thats my dad for you, he always has the timing just right , right when you dont need a call! Yes I could see that type of connection between us , I have been trying to ask people which classes she has so I can meet her agian. thanks Ha, just right I guess I did do a good job at pulling at her heart. People are telling me how good a dancer I am at school. Thats alot of drama , I will be lucky to get near 1 mill.
  11. In that case I will just go get my dad's old fire fighter truck from orlando to cool it down a bit!
  12. First It was mad cow desiese, now this!! whats next, angry pig cancer!!
  13. I modd for fun and to customise things to make them work the way I want them to. I overclock for the ablity to load media faster, Render 3D objects faster and for gaming reasons. I just think that this new fourm will help expand, reaching new heighs, and I will be able to do all of my tech posting in one spot. And yes If BT does add this on to the forums It should be said that the modds and overclocks people do we are not responable for.
  14. ampshock


    Ha, chappy you make me laugh! I guess If I see her agan I will get her number, thanks guys for your support and sorry I did'nt have any pics as my digital camera ran out of power at the wrong time. And I looked up on google "body language" and found that If a girl likes you she will probbly touch her frount teeth with her nail. thanks
  15. ampshock


    Ya I had a great time, but I wish I didnt have to leave her like that. I felt terrable.