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I'm here to chase the bleus... OL is in the hospital spending the night (maybe more). COPD and a touch of pneumonia

I'm a tea-totaller now (mint tea that is)... but back in the day slivovitz and a fine pilsner to chase it down made a fine drink.

Anyone need a designated driver in the virtual world ? Just kidding. Time for Letterman, then a good read from the B.O.M. before I start the New Year in bed.

Happy New Year

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Mmmm, load my plate, with a bloody mary. No hot sauce, please.

A bloody mary with no hot sauce? Next we know you will be asking to hold the garlic and Worcestershire sauce and add a celery stalk with the leaves attached.

I remember those days in college, bloody mary in a mug and cheese pizza for breakfast in the bar / pizzaria downstairs on weekends.

The local packy just started carrying some Brazilian Vodka (hey they have to do something with the stuff they can't put in cars and it helps subsidize their ethanol economy) for $8.49 a half gallon. It comes in a bottle with a mouth wider than one of those Mickeys Green Ale pints and no pouring restrictor. First drink I tried to mix wound up being half vodka, half ice and just a touch of juice. I had to use a shot glass to measure for the first time in years (instead of measuring glugs and counting seconds) . Later I just poured it into an empty gin bottle.

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Brizillian vodka?

I always said those ethanol plants weren't nothing but big stills :P

They are. The old brewery across the river from me has been converted to an ethanol and biodiesel plant.

Fortunately Heaven Hill in Bardstown Ky has started matching the Brazillians prices. That South American cane sugar hooch must not be distilled properly or charcoal filtered, even a couple drinks give one hell of a hangover.

For a dollar more Heaven Hill has a quadruple distilled charcoal filtered line(Burnetts) , very smooth and no afteraffects if you do not overdo it.

"Burnett's Vodka uses an uncompromising production process of quadruple distillation and triple charcoal filtering to remove by-products from grain distillation. No other premium vodka—imported or domestic—exceeds the level of clarity, quality and smoothness found in Burnett's. As a result, it has consistently been one of the fastest growing brands in the category year in and year out."


But what would you expect from the makers of J.W. Dant, Old Fitzgerald, Evan Williams, and Henry McKenna Bourbon Whiskey.

Hmm they make Cluny Scotch too, and Two Fingers Tequila

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TT man I had no idea,

I knew you had some problems a while back. I hope you're on the mend. If you need a care package and I can fit it in a box, just let me know and I'll send it up.

Take care and keep us posted, :ph34r:


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I've been too disabled to clean this dump. After 6 weeks in the hospital undergoing treatment I will need a couple of more weeks to regain my strength.

Glad to hear you are on the mend.

We buried one of my best friends New Years eve because he could not keep his health up to stay on the transplant list.

Listen to your PT people and do your exercises.

The first time they let me out of bed after three months of surgeries from my accident I took four nurses down with me. :blush:

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Ouch! 6 weeks? Are you OK now? Are you getting around alright? Strength back in your legs?

I'm a bit wobbly walking. I need to retrain all of my muscles again.

Careful there. No blood clots or embolisms please.

I remember my stay and the OLs , we had those neat blow up splints which inflate and deflate to keep up circulation in your legs while you are confined to bed.

Then as soon as they could get you up they kept trying to walk you up and down corridors and encouraged you to do it on your own once you were stable. The floor seemed to be layed out like a star with a core and radiating corridors with rooms on both sides. The rule of thumb was you were not ready to leave until you could walk down each corridor and back and down the next all the way around. At least they let us wear underwear under the hospital gown when we took our strolls. I wished they had had a recumbent stationary bike; should have suggested it.

Take it easy old friend. Lots of little steps with rest in between are far easier to achieve than trying to climb the mountain and falling back down the slope.

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