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Hey Y'all

I've decided to share a few pics of me with y'all finally.

This is your chance to see what this goof you've been listening to all this time, looks laughing or drawing of moustaches and bushy eyebrows on the pics please.


Here goes, a few oldies first so you get a timeline kinda.

This is me with an old girlfriend on the left and a good friend on the right.

This one is my family, my brother on the left, 2 sisters, me and my Mom.

This one here, is me and my kids Tanya and Robert, and my Mom.

This one was from Fire Dept. Yearbook we did in 1995. It's kind of a crappy shot as it was scanned, but...oh well.

More recent one for a new yearbook that hasn't come out yet. Taken 3 years ago when I was about 60 lbs heavier...yech!!

Last one (I promise) is with me, my brother in law, nephew, older sister, son and girlfriend. Again, I'm a few lbs heavier in this pic than I am about 65 lbs this time.

My medical problems have knocked over 80 lbs off of me in the last 1 1/2 years, which I needed but not like this. I want to get around 15 of them back some day.

Well, there you have it...or should I say, Me ;)

Stop your laughing now...I mean it....cmon...stop, please!!!

Ok then...I'm gonna leave if you don't stop.

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Hi Nerelda!!! Wow, take off the glasses and you are the spittin' image of my son's girlfriend! You have a twin in Michigan. When Son is home, I'll have him post a pic of her!


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Hmm, ok. I'll show you guys my much hidden gallery. There are pix of Mandy and I in there, so I guess you're getting a bonus ( The bonus would be Mandy :P ). I have gotten Mandy's permission to show the entire gallery, so she is aware. :D (She's beautiful anyway!!!)

Jeff and Mandy's Gallery

Two of my favorite pix of me:


Me Again!!

Two of my favorite pix of Mandy:


Mandy Again!!

Check out the gallery for the rest of the pix!

Enjoy! B)


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Well howdy Dave.....great to meet pics... :thumbsup:

Jeff.....bring on the pics....woohoo.gif

(***couldn't find a begging smilie***..... :lol: )

Hi Nerelda....very nice to put a face to your name... :D

EDIT: guys added the pictures so fast... :lol::lol: ...I was showing my wife the pics....and when I hit the reply button more were already added...(Jeff) :thumbsup:

Darn....EDIT again:.... :blush: ....nice to see and meet you Mandy....

Very nice to see you all..... ;)

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Hey Chappy! Glad to finally see a picture of you. You're a cutie!


Awww.....yer just sayin that...

Thanx Nerelda, and may I add that you're a very lovely girl!!

JEFF.....Smile once eh!!

Cmon folks, let's see some pictures of our membership!! I'll bet we have the BEST looking members on the Planet!

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aight, here we go. If you're a chat regular, you've already seen these:

Me on a bus.. someone doesn't know how to hold a picture phone straight..

Me - still in black and white. I think this was taken by the person who took the first one. Still a camera phone, If I recall correctly, this is during an award presentation w/ my band. (who pays attention at those anyway?)

Me finally in spectra color. Taken on a nice 5.1 megapixel camera at disney world. There were like 7 other people in that picture, but hey.. I got the important person right? right?!?

Well, have fun,


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wow chappy it's really neat to have a face to go with the name.

Nerelda wow. :blink: i've got to stop thinking that all smart people i meet on the net are ugly looking hunchbacks. i was so far off that i have to call steven hawkins and act like i want to leave a message to his voice.

Jeff, ha ha, your the spywareanator. he might not be able to fly folks or stop a speeding bulit but he can leap over tall servers in a single bound. good job Jeff, Mandy is pretty cute.

Not gonna post one of me, don't want to scare all you nice people away

Don't want to break the camera either

Cmon folks, let's see some pictures of our membership!! I'll bet we have the BEST looking members on the Planet!

i'm with robroy on this, the very last time a picture was taken of me the camera actually broke. your guys have already seen it. it's the one where i put on the donkey ears at the museum. :(

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As soon as I get done home, the pics of me and whatever else i can find of me will be tossed up...

Nice to Meet All of You...(stupid work computer won't allow me on to photobucket...oh well...)


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WOW!!! It's surprising how some of you look almost like I thought....and others look nothing like I imagined. Now to be nice. I'm going to look for my camera and get some batteries and send a pic or two of myself. If I don't have the same problem as robroy, and break the camera....LOL

Now where did I put the darn thing....

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Hi Bozodog, Brit, Bearskin (cute pout as a kid!) and Matt!!! Good to see you!. Macmarauder, I already know what you look like (if you folks search a bit around here, you'll find him), but Robroy, come on, come on, post a pic! :thumbsup:


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