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  1. Just wanted to pop in to add a hello and welcome too! If there's anything you need, just pm Jeff, me or one of the other Administrators! Also, suggestions are ALWAYS welcome...whether they are from long time members or new faces!
  2. Thanks so much for the work you have done regarding this, MajorGeek! Don't be a stranger to our forums!
  3. This issue was already resolved at another board.
  4. No, I'm not. What is your biggest wish for the New Year?
  5. definitely NOT spiders *Kat shudders* I guess I'd have to say butterflies next question: what is your favorite movie?
  6. flashh? God bless you.
  7. This is great, guys!! TicToc....as much as I am a motor mouth in chat...HOW did I not know you're about to be a daddy? Many MANY congrats, my friend. Little girls are wonderful...but when they turn 15 like my oldest...don't call me for help! Darren: Go ahead! Be controversial! Thank you for sharing about the Anxiety disorder. My oldest brother dealt with that as well, prior to his death. I understand where you're coming from! *hugs* ps...WHICH College football team ya rooting for during Rose Bowl????
  8. Hi everyone! I thought I'd start a little game called "Come on....admit it!" Here's what you do....you have to admit THREE things to us that you normally woulnd't. Now, I don't want to hear anything that would incriminate anyone....and I will delete any post that refers to anything that is prejudicial in anyway. This is supposed to be FUN! EDITED TO ADD: Let's also keep this PG13, please! ; ) I'll start, so you get the drift of what I'm asking for... ok ok! I admit it!!! 1. I'm a secret fan of the Backstreet Boys! I can't help it. My daughters got me hooked...and I can't stop singing along!
  9. Hello! Just wanted to add a note that the new version was JUST released this morning! We'll be happy to help you once we see the newest log.
  10. wow Jas! She's a doll!!!! I just *love* babies! My nephew turned six months old yesterday, and he was sooo much fun with Santa last weekend! Nerelda, sweetie....LOVE the siggie! And to think...it is all my fault! (isn't everything?)
  11. Happy birthday!! I hope it's a great one!
  12. Hi Kip! I saw you in chat last night! Welcome from Central IL...where it is absolutely FREEZING today. If there's anything you need help with, just give me a shout!
  13. Happy 18th to my sweet buddy SEAN!! Rock has been one of the people who has helped me the most in my journey to becoming a Spyware Fighter. He is totally dedicated...and a TOTAL sweetheart! Everyone...please wish rocky a great BDAY!!! ............doesn't hurt that 18 is the legal drinking age in England, either! Have one for me, sweetie! HAPPY BDAY CHAPPY!! HOpe you had a great one, too!
  14. Birthday?? Ooohhhhh, just you wait til I catch you in chat laters!! Happy bday, hon! *hugs*
  15. holy CRAP! How can you say that that isn't freaking perfect?? I absolutely love love LOVE it. Thank you sooooooooo much!!!!! Ask Efwis...he knows me pretty well....ED: tell tictoc that that background is totally ME!
  16. Kat


    heard it? Honey...I helped *write* it! It's my theme song!!!!
  17. I have Works here, but have never done anything like that. I'm sure I can though. Let me play around a bit tomorrow, and I'll get back to you! If anyone else knows a good way offhand, by all means..jump in!
  18. Kat


    everything about Rednecks rules...."because I are one"
  19. ok, here is my new background!
  20. ..........and btw.....do I *really* need to explain my name? I'm so UNcreative. My real name is Kathie, but I have been called Kat since I was little.
  21. I think you need to KEEP your name the way it is. ~and on a side note....we'd know it's you even with*out* seeing the name Efwis
  22. IOWA?? What the heck are you doing back there?? Ya need to pm me and fill me in I think...either thru here or via chat later. *or* you know my email addy, ya know. And yeah..there's lots to fill you in on from here. I'm just getting back involved this past week, after another round of doctors. I'll explain more laters. Thanks for the offer of help. I know you will if I need ya to!
  23. Hi Kat, I saw that you were also talking about it in #besttechie and probably have one of the guys that do this stuff for a living makin' ya somethin cool but I threw a few pics I had into the GIMP and this is a quickie that I came up with for ya...you might not like it, so, I won't be offended if you don't use it. Pagan Moon *insert jaw dropping smilie here* OMG! That is absolutely perfect and gorgeous!!!! If you don't mind, I'm going to use it! The only *change* I'd want, would be my text added to it in a neat font. Here's what I mean: The Goddess is Alive.....(top of