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  1. Since I am green, does that mean that I like money?
  2. Some say that I am good at BSOD. I just like to prevent them from happening again If there is anything I can do for you, let me know. I will even accept a PM, if you prefer it.
  3. And all this time, I thought a cracker was something you eat...
  4. I do not know if they have already sent it to you. If they haven't, you can ask them these questions to help narrow it down a bit. Is the computer plugged into an outlet strip or are they plugged into various outlets? It would be better of course if all of it was plugged into a UPS or battery back-up. When there are problems with the computer starting up, do the lights in the room dim or flicker? The same question would apply when it shuts down completely. Are there any scorch marks on the wall outlets? Does the plug cord feel warm after it has been plugged in for more then an hour? It doe
  5. Maybe you could use it as part of a multi-monitor set-up. I have set this up on a laptop that was running XP, so not sure if it would work with yours.
  6. The webcam that I have is the EyeToy from PS2. For $50 (ok, that comes with a game), it has a built in mic, and you can d/l the drivers for free. The best thing that I like about it is the stand.
  7. The first thing I would (and did) do, is make a backup of all your files before your upgrade. Although I did not have any problems, some have. Those that did have a problem with the upgrade, more then half had a hard time reverting back. Oh and you might want to make sure that you have your Windows CDs handy, just in case...
  8. You could lag her computer by putting alot of spyware on there
  9. Celeste was going to be the name of my daughter. You are more then welcome to it.
  10. logitech. Bluetooth just sounds bad. Like I have not brushed my teeth for weeks. Cable or Satellite
  11. jeservices


    Thanks for the infor on the pricing. This is what I have been told. Some rumor, some true. Will not know for sure until it arrives. The PSP will be able to play movies and games from an adaptor that will transmit it from the PS2 (and presumably PS3). A wireless adaptor will be sold, likely USB, that will transfer some information back and forth between the two, similar to the GBA/Gamecube connectability. A new memory card that has 128 MB memory will be revealed at launch. It will be downward compatable with the PS2. Although it is not enough for FF XI, it is related to how it will be poss
  12. Thank you all for your welcome. I guess that I did not see the post before. I have posted a little bit about myself there. Maybe I can help out in a few threads here and there.
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    About U?

    Well since I have been pointed in the right direction for my intro post, I will tell all of you a little about myself. I am 32 in SE Houston TX. I was a proud member of the Tech TV boards (under the same name) until the merger. Now, I just can not find myself to be a member over there. Don't get me wrong, I love games, as it is just...different. Currently, I am a Global moderator of Bleeping My signature will reflect a link soon. I am using a modified E-Machine running dual monitors, with a cable internet connection. For months, I have been meaning to add a few more monitors,
  14. I know that I have not posted but one item, and I should not be suggestion any changes. Is it possible that there could be a topic for introductions? I know a few of you from the old TechTV boards, and although I do not mind posting in the forums first, I thought it would be nice to have a place that everybody could read a little bit about everybody, as they join.