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  1. I am very sorry to hear about Dana. This is compounded by the fact that I did not keep in touch with him over the years. Acts 24:15 And I have hope toward God, which hope these men also look forward to, that there is going to be a resurrection of both the righteous and the unrighteous.
  2. I have been using CryptoPrevent with great sucess (Yes I foolishly open an email from a friend I am ashamed) https://www.foolishit.com/cryptoprevent-malware-prevention/
  3. I am far from sold on the "Edge" browser I cannot even run the Microsoft Online Labs you would thing it would work. I admit I have not had time to mess with it. I will try this weekend. Overall I have very few complains about Win10. I have a copy of the educational version I may build a new machine for it since the pro-version I have now does not support remote access. Preston
  4. Thanks Chuck. It would be nice to see this place popping again. I hope to contribute as much as I can to the sucess of this place. I am looking to get my cisco (ccent) cert. in april so I will be doing some heavy study for the next couple of weeks but I will stop in. I hope to get my Network securty cert this summer this years has been a struggle. Preston
  5. I have been evauating Win 10 and I Feel that they tried too hard to meld 7 with 8.1. I love the feel of 7since it is pretty much what we all expect so I never upgraded to 8.1 even though I have a copy given to me by my college. Maybe I am just old but I want to be productive when I am on my PC not trying to figure out the reinvented wheel. Ignore me I am just trying to get back in the habit of posting again. Glad they maintained my log on info. Preston
  6. I used to read your answers on the G$ Forum some time ago. Didn't understand most of them, but enjoyed reading them. Is the G4 forum gone, I can't find it any more. G4 no longer exist that is originally why we all came here. funny that anyone remembers G4. Pete has always been a wealth of info. I hope to start frequenting this place again. Wow I just noticed that the question had already been aswered.
  7. The COA is attached to the stolen Laptop but I always keep files on such so I have the Key. I should just purchase an OEM that will solve the issue. Thanks Preston
  8. I purchased a used Business grade Notebook very cheap from a company in Georgia. Original price of this puppy was $3300 MSRP so $185 was not to bad to pay. It came in a timely many (2 days Wow!) it came with a authentic Windows 7 MAR disk. Well this was a gift to my Sister for school since it had bioscan and such I felt it would serve well and it did until it got stolen. I built her another one and now I have a integity issue going on. Should I take the Win 7 MAR and install it on the new one and will it work can I update. I would prefer it make the other one invalid. what happens if we reco
  9. Does it have the same issues with timeouts that chrome does? Most notably , with facebook games frequently give a "shockwave plugin not responding" in response to server timeouts and unlike IE and Firefox there is no easy way to increase server timeouts to prevent this. Pete I have not noticed any timeouts in fact I have laid aside my beloved Opera for the past month and do not feel a loss. I admit I do not have patience with Facebook games so I have not explored that. it seems to do exactly whay I like for it to do. I was hopping that I would get oppinion from those who have tried it. Wh
  10. Has anyone else tried Comodo Dragon web browser? I know it is nothing more than a repackaged chrome but it has been far more stable for me. In fact not a single hitch. I cannot speak about security but I have trusted comodo firewall for years I have no reason to believe this version of chrome is not as secure as they can add to it. Comodo Dragon Preston
  11. Thanks She has six kids and a husband that knows everything about security.and he has a lot of time on his hands. The kids are too old for this 2 are in college the other middle school and up she has just spawned a flock of human computer viruses. The MOBO is bad I finally got the slot to hold the card. A new notebook was my first suggestion but she wanted to see. I Miss this place Preston
  12. Hey friends long time no post I know I hope all is well. I have an issue on a Laptop I am looking into for a young lady at work.. HP G62 Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium 64-bit 4 GB DDR3 (2 x 2048 MB) AMD Athlon™ II Dual-Core Processor P340 2.2 GHz, Level 2 cache 1 MB AMD RS880M chipset 500 GB SATA Hard Disk Drive 5400 rpm Symptoms: Will not boot. HP logo for 3sec shuts off. I started checking RAM and immediately the secondary slot drops the card in my hand. So I assume this is the biggest issue the slot will not hold the RAM in the slot. I shuffled it will not the other either. both maybe bad
  13. This really sounds like a damaged drive perhaps some bad sectors. Hard discs fail in some strange ways. If you can get a copy of Spinrite 6 http://www.grc.com/spinrite.htm try running it trough it's paces (may not be worth the price so if you can find a friend to let you borrow a copy it would be better). I maybe entirely off base with this but it would be something I would check.
  14. On your Windows 7 computer, click the Start button at the bottom left of the screen, then go to the Control Panel and choose Network and Sharing Center. Click the link under "view your active networks" (if you've set up a Homegroup,the link should say "home network"). In the next window choose "Work network" that will switch you from a homegroup to a workgroup so your two computers can talk to each other. Before you can network the computers, you must assign the same workgroup name to both of them and SHARE folders in Explorer.
  15. The cleaning guy at my office gave me a Laptop to fix the WiFi connection in and I determined that they had installed XP on the sony VAIO that originally came with Vista. I confirmed this with him he stated someone told him vista was mo good so he had a local kid Put a copy of XP professional on it. Well the kid did not know enough to track down the drivers before doing this (he had no excuse Sony makes it easier) I fixed everything (keybaord utilites and all) but I told him he would need to activate XP soon it would shut down in 28days. There is is the problen it is not a legit copy (the kid
  16. for the future I have found lots of help at Driverheaven.net
  17. Way cool I would. It is not for the hard core Linux user but it is for the Fed up with windows user. It is more for those in a fast pace. hit it and go widows user that wants to move forward. it is a step into the Linux world but it is definitely as time saver and a battery saver. low resources.
  18. i am late on this but i had to test it. It is no Secret I have always loved Xandros Desktop Been using it for years now. About half and Half With Windows. But never install on my laptop so i Looked into Xandros Presto and I am Impressed 8 sec bootup instant shutdown access windows Docs. i am hook this is great for you people who have a slow system and need to get mail or send fast. I know I have had only minutes to DL mail before a meeting 10secs on line. Had time to surf the web instant off. Great power saver if running on Battery easy install. I know there will be a ton of critic but I like
  19. http://www.driverheaven.net/ found entire package now I am complete thanks again.
  20. Need XP drivers to restore sound to my Toshiba P205D - S7439. AMD 64 Athalon 2X 3 gig RAM. It originally had Vista on it but after a major HD failure. I installed XP with new HD since I dont own a copy of Vista. I have had a time with drivers. I used MobilityModder.NET http://www.driverheaven.net/ to modify ATI drivers for for mobility. But I cannot find the sound and toshiba does not have XP drivers for this computer. Need some research help. I cannot even find what the sound device is even after readinfg secs Satellite P205D-S7439 Detailed Product Specification1 Model Name: P205D-S7439 Par
  21. I like MyDefrag (formerly JKDefrag) no install/ command line. http://www.snapfiles.com/reviews/JkDefrag/JkDefrag.html This is the most complete defrag i have ever had had. Plus you can keep it son a jumpdrive and take it to granny's house and fix her bogged down PC
  22. 1 GB 512 x2 REG ddr PC1600 cl2 ecc For HP server and 1 GB 512x 2 REG DDR2 PC3200r cl3 ecc For HP Server Make Offer will (a donation to Besttechie.net will be good) --Approved by Besttechie
  23. http://support.lexmark.com/index?page=answ...rlocale=EN_US#2