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  1. I only just found out TT I will see you when I get there R.I.P
  2. Dam it Girls and Guys! the win 8/ 8.1 forums are gonna rip us a new one! Windows xp / vista / 7 is now older than dirt ! STOP Living in the past. Time to up grade my friends regards Noel aka WhiteWolf
  3. Ok Girl & Guys I have found away to run both Win 8.1 and 10 on my main PC without risk to my main OS 8.1. Its a proggy called "VMware Player" thats if you have any problems using or ruining Hyper-V ! it creates a Virtual Machine within your main OS and allows you to run any OS you wish in it. You can allocate as much of your RAM as you wish and HD space for it ,so you can test out any OS you want. Well I have not found a down side to it so far, but am interested in others opinions Regards WW
  4. Hey Chuck Thats the one I D/Led . Microsoft says I need this to install 8.1 the site says here is the quote " Prerequisites To apply this update, you must be running Windows RT 8.1, Windows 8.1, or Windows Server 2012 R2." So I need to install KB2919442 to install 8.1 but!! I need to be running 8.1 to install the update ????? hmmm can not see a problem with that , but as I do not run RT 3.1 or Win server 2012 R2 maybe thats the prob. ​Then again none of that was installed on my other half's PC even before I upgraded it to 8.1 (I need a drink) Noel
  5. Just checked my PC it does not have KB2919442 installed on it ! So what the heck am I missing?
  6. Easy Right !! My better half has a HP (all-in-one) earlier Model than mine, has 8 gigs Ram had win 8.1 on it after I upgraded it for her, put Avast / spybot etc,,, told her do not install anything without asking me please!,,,,,well anyway for some funny reason it started to run slower than a speeding snail !. Ok fastest and easiest way do a refresh of the system while keeping all her docs/pics /settings, did that, installed AV then did all the windows updates, runs well. Now better upgrade to 8.1 no probs use Microsoft , did some checking you need to install ( KB2919442 ) before the win 8.1
  7. Now some of us running win 8 / 8.1 have it, one way or the other ! Honest opinions. Is it better / easier / simpler to access BIOS or not ? They say "Security is better" Just want to run it past you Girls & Guys Regards Noel
  8. Hiya B This new PC whats the PC's specs? Asking coz I got me a laptop its 4 years old /was running heck whatever was before Vista,, upgraded to vista added more RAM then to win 7. Sooo win 8.1 is not impossible. WW
  9. Hi Brian Just a question Why not just bite the bullet ! and go for win 8.1 ? I like win 7 too, still have it on 2 laptops with it installed, brought myself a new desktop (All in one HP) came with win 8 upgraded to 8.1 still did not like the desktop found a free program to give me back the good old start Menu so its looks like win 7 on start up but gives you the choice of using "Metro" in win 8.1. Gives you all the upgrades of win 8.1 but looks and feels like win 7. Apon saying this I now wonder why I ever tried to test out Win 10 on my main pc when I already have the start menu back on win
  10. Thanks Chuck But have tried that does not give me the "Hyper" in win turn features on or off! but as they say "If life gives you lemons make lemonade! " or as I do ferment them and make something better!!!. Have come up with 3 Rules to sort out all my probs (after trying all suggestions). 1 / If you have spent hours/days adjusting your main OS to work how you wish it too DO NOT MESS WITH IT !! 2/ / If you have a second PC or Lappy not as good as your main PC !! use that to test the new OS. 3 / Refer to Rule 1 !! Noel
  11. Thanks Chuck & Brian and Pete All great info, so far no joy! tho I have a new prob ""why even tho I run Win 8.1 I can not get Hyper- V on my turn windows features on or off, even after enabling it in BIOS. Noel aka (WhiteWolf)
  12. Greetings All I am trying to run Win 10 tech with win 8.1 on my main PC its a HP all-in-one ENVY 23. Its the BIOS boot order I'm having a prob with.(have made bootable DVD + USB and have enough space on my HD have separate participation to install to. Prob is win 8.1 has this new BIOS setup I can not quite work out how to ""restart and boot from USB or DVD". I remember BT ,TT , Pete C, and all you guys / girls from the techTV days. Hope you can help Regards WW