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  1. So today I decided to buy the full version of Fraps for no particular reason. Had to test it out since the free version had a framrate counter already, I decided to use its unlocked video capture feature. So, I captured me playing a song on StepMania. Also, I was using it to show on another Forum how well I improved in the game. The guy was saying that the game was really hard past certain difficulty levels and was saying what he was able to do. I told him that I was actually worse when I started (and I was, I was terrible at the game at first): He was blown away when he saw it and asked if I was using 2 hands. Nope, I use one hand. Which is amazing considering my relatively low dexterity in my hands.
  2. not a surprise. Went there once and got a CD Player for my old 85 Sunbird. Selection wasn't grand and the install crew messed up my dash lights. Best Buy always had a better selection, better prices, and a better atmosphere. I always get my car audio from a local store now (Electronic Express, Middle TN only chain) cause it's in town. It may be the only store like this in town, but it still has decent prices and a pretty dern good car audio section. Unfortunately they don't have squat in DVD's and no computer stuff. Plenty of TV's, Home Theater, Appliances, Car Audio, and other electronics though. I drive 45 minutes north to Cool Springs though and go to Best Buy to buy DVD's. Rarely been to Circuit City and probably won't go there again either. I like Best Buy for DVD's, Electronic Express for Car Audio, for Computer Stuff.
  3. The radio only gives a good example of Popular music today but none of the lesser known stuff. I really don't much of any current music or music of the last 15 years. A large portion of my library consists of Jrock/Jpop cause I don't know much of anything good here. I'm exposed to a lot of the J stuff from the OP and ED's of animes and if I like them, I look them up and get the full versions which usually have other songs with them, sometimes good, sometimes not. This website looks like a good idea to get me started in a good direction for western stuff. I'm dying to get more stuff but just don't know what is good out there. I've recently started listening to the radio more often cause I'm gettin slightly burnt out on some of my stuff so I'm hearing more and liking it..... but I have no clue who I am listening too or what the song is half the time. My favorite station plays rock from the 80's all the way up to the most current stuff (current stuff plays more often than older) so I can only pick out older stuff here and there like pre-1995 and a few newer songs.
  4. DragonForce - Through the Fire and Flames DragonForce - Revolution Deathsquad
  5. We just had a discussion on TennSpeed about electric cars and they ain't gonna be cheap at least not soon. Batteries for them are really expensive. Can't remember exactly buy 93 Octane when I filled up a coupla days ago was about 3.93 or somewhere near it. I paid 32.25 for I think about 8.2 gallons. Pulled off 31.8MPG on average on the last tank. It's gettin better thank god.
  6. my package from Amazon came early yesterday (wasn't supposed to get here until Tuesday) so I popped in Interstella 5555 and it was friggin great. A lot of the later songs are so much better with video. The first 4 tracks and track 13 are pretty good though by themselves. Will be listening to music from Legend of Zelda: Windwaker and Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess soon. I just ordered a Gamecube and those 2 games from game stop. It's funny cause I haven't gotten a new video game console in 10 years (newest I own is PS/X and N64 and I got the PS/X in 1998). I LOVE Zelda games and wanted to play those two REALLY bad so I finally broke down and ordered a refurb Gamecube for $30. OK so it's an old console but it'll be new to me. It'll still be better than the N64 (hopefully). I had been playing all my games on PC but I'm ready to jump back into consoles.
  7. ahhh, I won't get crap then. Oh well, not like it woulda got much with it. I might have got a strut bar and an intake. Or maybe tires instead. I get more than $300 in 3 weeks at my job any way so it's not like that's a huge amount anyway.
  8. LOVEHOLIC - Shinkirou Kita Shuuhei - Kimi no Kioku Shimotsuki Haruka - Kazahane eufonius - Reflectia I still haven't seen all of Interstella 5555. All I've seen of it is the first 4 songs for sure and I might have seen the 5th song but that's all I remember. I didn't know it was a movie at first (back in 2001). I just thought it was a few music videos. A coupla years ago though, I found out about Insterstella 5555 but never got it until now (never got Discovery either until last week). My Interstella 5555 should get here Tuesday. PS I'm obviously in a Jpop/Jrock mood right now. I'll probably be jammin to either Daft Punk or Bush on the way to work though.
  9. not even sure if I'm qualified to get diddly squat. If I do get anything it'd be 300 but I kinda doubt it since I live with my parents. * looks like if I do get it, it will be on Monday the 5th.
  10. that's why you report anonymously from a telephone booth
  11. HA, we had a slight gang problem here recently at the high schools (ok slight is a blatant lie, it was a MASSIVE problem in which they were scared for students lives). Some people got shot, others were gonna get revenge, bunch were high school age. It involved MS13 (most dangerous gang in the US) and the Vikings. They distrusted the local police so much (cause they suck) that they called in State Troopers (they were EVERYWHERE), TBI (Tennessee Bureau of Investigation), FBI, and other law enforcement agencies on the schools. Local police weren't seen too much during this time. State Troopers were all over town in pairs. Ahhh well, some suck some don't. City Police seem to do their job a little better than the County Sheriff Department. I never see Sheriff vehicles doin anything but speeding (City do to but they actually do somethin).
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    Demotivational posters are always awesome
  13. A lot of those from both lists are on Call of Duty 4 quotes when you get killed. One of my favorites is: When the pin is pulled, Mr. Grenade is no longer our friend - US Army Handbook
  14. I ordered Interstella 5555 now cause of that CD (along with a coupla other DVD's for the heck of it). I think I'll try to get my mom to watch it too since she said she liked the music.
  15. Just bought Discovery by Daft Punk so: Daft Punk - One More Time Now, I need to buy Interstella 5555. It's a movie that has pretty much no dialog, instead the entire Discovery album is the soundtrack (14 songs). Also it's anime but the Daft Punk I believe is French.
  16. Caramell - Caramelldansen Speedycake Remix......... again. Man this is an addicting song. I don't like the original version but I love the Speedycake Remix so much. Also that Salmon Dance song up there is awesome. I've watched it a ton now. Just wish i had an MP3 of it.
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    Most of those are true for Tennessee too
  18. Thanks! That did the trick. It was just buggin me cause I don't like change
  19. Just a quick question. How do I change drive letters in XP? My external drive has always been F: until I put a friend's thumb drive in and turned on the hard drive after. It changed to G: and it just bugs me is all. I know that's a stupid reason but still, it just ain't right Thanks for any help!
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    It came!!! Should go on Friday.
  21. Thanks guys. Nothing special today. Mom's in a wheelchair and I had to go to night class so nothing special. Did eat piza with my mom for lunch and my dad gave $50 and a new hair dryer (my other toasted on me this morning , yes i have very long hair and NEED a hair dryer). My real present doesn't get here till tomorrow. Just an A'PEXi World Sport II muffler for the car. Thanks again guys for the birthday wishes. I love ya'll
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    My Project

    Well mine are Depo replica's of the JDM OEM Foglights, not the real Raybrig ones (they are too expensive and hard to find). No surprise but still I'm proud they lasted that long without ANY probs other than one of them, *ahem*, fogging up, being cheapo replicas.