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  1. And was wondering do I really have to understand Networking to do the job? I get the TCP/IP, gateway, switches, mac numbers, cables, ip config and things like that What I dont get is how the ip addresses are configed or how the hell to tell if a default gateway and subnet address will connect a network, I have tried I just cant grasp it(even though i have connected networks before its plug and play to an extent) Will this impede me or do newbs start to get it with on the job training so to speak?
  2. For some dumb reason XP doesnt defrag automatically while Vista and of course 7 do
  3. Wow you really know your stuff So is this more or less how War Driving works?
  4. Makes sense thanks for the info I have another question, why do we have to change the SSID and name and password of our router? If a hacker does not know the WPA key, how can they get on the network anyhow?
  5. I am confused i thought with DHCP the ip's are dynamic and always changing what gives?