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    i was just thinking of my friend.. and decided to search the forums again.. sad, very sad to see this thread... 6 years... its been 6 years! this is just so heartbreaking...
  2. good day! I'm having problems again with my broadband connection. Currently, I'm trying to isolate the problem by removing my wireless network and directly accessing the modem. But I'm having issues with my ASUS K40IJ Series laptop. When I connect to the modem it says "network cable unplugged" even though I'm plugged. I thought something was wrong with my LAN card, but last night I was able to access it again -although it took quite a few minutes for it to be recognized. The problem is not with the cable because I was able to make it work instantly with my other netbook. So this means th
  3. How do you know it can connect to the internet? What did you use to do this with? i set it up like how the router-modem should be set up. i just connected the router then to my laptop. went to the web-based setup of my router, changed its IP address...and that's it! when i restarted the router, my icon on the taskbar showed i had internet access already. i just tried browsing to make sure that i can. everything's good now! including the laptop that wont connect. now all my laptops and phones can connect to my wireless network and browse the net! thanks for your time sir!
  4. wow! i got it working now! the wireless router can now connect to the net. i just changed its IP address as what i said earlier. now the problem is, the laptop i used to configure the WRT54G2 cannot connect to the net but can access the wireless network. what would the problem now be?
  5. Noooooooo!!! that's what i was so aftraid to hear.. i read somewhere that it could be the router and modem were on a same network coverage, and changing the LAN IP address may do the trick. i will try it out later when i get home. let u guys know if there's success or not.. and please, lets not give up on this issue... no extra bucks yet for a new router! lol
  6. got two LAN cables and they are both working when i use it on a stand alone with the modem. so i guess this couldnt be the culprit.
  7. i can use my modem on a stand alone. i can access it when my laptop is directly connected to the modem. is it possible that the problem lies in the communication between the modem and the router?
  8. yes i did that already. i have tried resetting it a couple of times and it still wont work.. i can ping the router from my laptop, but the router cant connect to the internet i guess...?
  9. good day guys! as usual, i got a problem thats been giving me headaches for days now! a brief background on the problem. a few days ago, my modem and router stopped working after a heavy rain and some lightning. they wont power ON. after calling the tech support for my ISP, they changed the adapter and LAN cable and it made my modem power ON. thinking the router got the same problem, i bought a new adapter. it indeed worked. but the more serious problem came when i tried accessing the net. i cant get to the internet although i can connect to my wireless router. i called up the ISP again and th
  10. i just did pete! thanks! hopefully i get to give you the code guys.. i tried the event viewer but cant seem to find my way thru it. dont know where/what to look. LOL
  11. no error logs and no recent attachments of external hardwares.. puzzling for just happend.. could it be a software problem/conflict?
  12. thanks guys! I didnt have any external hardwares attached. though right now, things seem fine, i will have to observe if i really got the problem fixed (doing nothing!) i still need to know what really happened though just in case it occurs again..
  13. greetings! again im back and with another question.. i have windows 7 on my laptop ASUS K4J0IJ Series my problem is that everytime i start it up, i just get to the point wher it says "starting windows" then i get the mouse icon on a black screen and that's will restart on itself until it starts up normally! so in essence i just have to wait for as long as 30mins to 1 hour until it gets to start normally on itself!! drivers looks fine. any ideas? thanks!
  14. I've tried that first.. and i always get the "import failed" status... cant open the PPT files..
  15. it wont wont open the PPT file and it closes.. if it helps, im using windows 7.. and open office. thanks!