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  1. Here's a pretty simple bash script for controlling bandwidth utilization; #!/bin/bash # This script will help you limit the amount of bandwidth that you consume so that you can predict/budget bandwidth fees # while using services such as the RackSpace Cloud which bill based on bandwidth utilization # Requires "vnstat" and "screen" # Maximum amount of bandwidth (megabytes) that you want to consume in a given month before anti-overage commands are run MAX=10240 # Interface that you would like to monitor (typically "eth0") INTERFACE="eth0" function getusage { DATA=`vnstat --dumpdb -i
  2. Hello all; To start off, I should point out that I've been an avid user of Microsoft Office (primarily Excel) for quite some time now, but have become more and more disappointed with the last couple of releases. Having said that, I recently bought a MacBook Pro and have been using a copy of Microsoft Office from work, again using it for primary Excel. Having talked to a few people, I've been told that iWork is great for run of the mill end-users but that it really doesn't stand up to Microsoft Office for Mac in regards to the more robust features. So I guess my question is; is iWork worth lo
  3. Using Google Insights I recently began looking at the search terms that people use when looking for mobile phones. I found a number of things that show how people have compared mobile phones over time, and the products that they compare. With the success of the iPhone, I used it as the base of sorts and looked at the devices (BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone) that people compared to the iPhone. Needless to say, I was really surprised at the number of people who compared the BlackBerry and iPhone devices, and think that it really speaks for itself that people have more recently fallen away
  4. #!/bin/bash # Screenshot and Upload Script # Requires gawk curl xsel scrot openssl imagemagick sshpass # This script uses OpenSSL to generate MD5 hases for filenames. # These hashes are based on the file itself and not the timestamp. # When all is said and done, this prevents users from systematically downloading your screenshots/uploads. ######################## # Upload Configuration # ######################## # "s3", "cloudfiles", "ssh", "ftp", "imageshack", "imgur" # Note for SSH users: if you have keys configured, leave the "login" and "pass" values blank. UPLOADMETHOD="" # Only used
  5. If you are looking at using Amazon S3/CloudFront to host a static website, I have come up with a nice little script (requires s3cmd from http://s3tools.org/s3cmd) that allows you to create a bucket and distribution for your site in a relatively seamless fashion. What it does: Creates an S3 bucket (or uses an existing one) Uploads ALL of the files within a specified folder tree into the bucket Makes all of the items "public" Optionally creates a CloudFront distribution and sets a CNAME and default root object (e.g. index.html) based on your input. Below is the script. Obviously you're going
  6. I'm trying to use as few resources as possible on my WordPress installation. Is there anything I can do to disable post revisions? These seem to take up a bit of space and are not really necessary for what I need. Do you have any other tips for making WordPress a more efficient platform?
  7. Depending on your network card, you will likely have to install the drivers. In Ubuntu, this is often a trivial task. First off, you will need to plug the device into a hard-wired network connection (ethernet) so that it has availability to the internet. Then you will want to do two things. First, ensure that you have the non-free repositories configured. The easiest way to do that is head to the terminal ("Applications" -> "Accessories" -> "Terminal") and type in "sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list". You will need to enter your password, and from there a text editor window will open
  8. Leaving my computer on for long periods of time - even when I'm not using it - I'd like to know if there is a way that I can tell the computer to de-fragment itself every so often so that I don't have to worry about doing so when I actually need to use the computer. How can I do this?
  9. Is VirtualPC really the best out there? Or would you recommended looking at something else?
  10. What/where are the best Cyber Monday deals? Any online retailers that you've had particularly good experience with in the past?
  11. So. The question is in the topic. Joomla? Drupal? Wordpress? Which one should I use for a website?
  12. Go here. http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/Chrome/thread?tid=36ee1bedc8acf004&hl=en Thanks
  13. Anyone know how to set up Windows to allow for hibernation?
  14. Mandy, this post was hilarious and awesome. But, that makes sense, because an awesome person like Jeff deserves an awesome birthday post