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  1. They were created on a PC, but I am not certain if it was in Office 2007 or 08, but I highly doubt it. The files are all .doc and I did try converting with Open XML Converter which I downloaded earlier today. No luck. I should also mention that I have a file which I had been able to open in the past that I can't open now, so I ruled out the software version conflicct. Any other ideas? Thanks! Shannon
  2. PROBLEM: Apparently out of nowhere my MS Word began to quit when opening a file and the message read, "Word Cannot Start the Converter 'Word Open XML' ". Now it just quits with a basic message telling me to try opening the file again. I make the attempt and then the file goes corrupt. Some files open okay, others do not. MS Word 2004 quits with both older files and newer files. RECENTLY: I do not use MS Word daily so I cannot be certain when this problem started; however the last update to my Intel Mac 10.4.11 was July 1st and it was a security update for the Intel Mac along with a Safari up