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  1. Use the addon I gave you, and you will have no problems fully using FF, Just right click the tab your site is in, and click "Switch Rendering Engine" after you've installed the addon.
  2. If you're seeking kiosk mode on FF, it's rather simple. It's like 2 addons 1. Hide Menu Bar - Addon 2. Stylish -Addon Choose Global style that Hides address bar until mouseover 3. The bookmar bar, and the status bar can be hidden (unchecked) at View - (Uncheck status bar), Toolbars - (uncheck bookmarks toolbar) Believe me, FF is superior to IE7. I used to be a IE7 advocate, but I gave FF a go and it's unbelievable.
  3. Here's a screenshot of mine, Liz, with the addons I listed in the Firefox thread I made. This is just my customization of firefox with my addons so yours can look any color you want and have whatever toolbars you want. etc.
  4. ? You can easily do Kiosk mode in Firefox. What are you having trouble removing? Just post what you can't remove and I'll tell you how to remove it.
  5. I'll be a pal and help you out. The following program will help you generate previews of any image you would like and especially of your desktop. You can also generate nice little outside themes. Here's the code that you use to show previews on websites. Program: http://shellscape.org/rumshot/ Code: (In attachment) New_Text_Document.txt
  6. See topic description, provide links if you so choose. Here's mine: IETab - Switches the rendering engine from Firefox to Internet Explorer's in case a page doesn't load well with firefox https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/1419 Adblock Plus - Never see an ad again https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/1865 Adblock Plus Filterset G Updater - Automatic Updates for Adblock plus https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/1136 Stylish - Customize the look and feel of firefox, incredible and is a must try. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/2108 Hide Menu Bar - F
  7. That's quite unfortunate. If it were me, I would just use firefox. It's way faster and more customizable.
  8. If your malware free, your other browsers have no problem connecting to the net, and you've checked and made sure that Zone Alarm, and AVG aren't blocking IE8, then most likely it's a problem with the version of IE8. Personally I'd just stick with firefox. If you're worried that sometimes the pages don't load correctly in firefox and you need them to run in IE8's rendering engine, then you can just use this addon for firefox and it should sort out your problems: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/1419
  9. No I definetly agree with what you are saying, and it's happened to me before too with some of the computers I've worked on. Your solution is completely accurate. But from this guy's description of his problem he just is stuck on the blue screen and doesn't see the black one. That's why I'm almost certain it's a corrupted boot sector, because he isn't getting past the blue welcome screen.
  10. 1. Are you malware free? (download malwarebytes, update signatures, run a quick scan) 2. Does the internet currently work with any other browsers? 3. Please list your firewall/antivirus/security applications and make sure each one isn't preventing IE8 from accessing the internet. Answering these three questions will help everyone eliminate a lot of unknown variables and make fixing your problem a lot easier.
  11. Pete, I may be mistaken, but I don't think he can get past the blue welcome screen on regular mode or safe mode. At least that's what I got from his first post, I could be wrong though. That's why I thought it could possibly be a boot sector corruption? I dunno I'm just throwing ideas out there.
  12. Really? My bad then. I just experienced this with a clients PC where as soon as I entered the password to login, the machine froze on the welcome screen. I went to the recovery console and wrote a new master boot record along with a new boot sector and I was able to enter their machine and remove their malware. Maybe it was just a fluke though? fixboot fixmbr
  13. I agree, it sounds to me that your main problem is a corrupted master boot record. Try my steps and then follow shanenin's excellent article on a repair install. If you can view your partition, you can then do an easy fixmbr, once you write a new mbr you should be able to access your machine and then you'll be able to remove the malware rather easily with MBAM. After that you'll be good. However if you absolutely can't view your partition, then the next step will be a repair install. If you can't do a repair install, I'll do some research on a workaround. If workarounds don't work then d
  14. Really? That's such a drag. I hope Symantec doesn't turn it into another horrible Norton.
  15. So you can't even see your XP partition when you enter the XP recovery console? -Hmm I highly doubt that it is a hardware problem mainly because you can get to the splash screens and that malware caused the issue. 1. Try chkdsk a couple more times and see if it sees your partition. 2. If this doesn't work instead of going to the repair option, go to install option and agree then highlight your partition and tell me if there is a "repair" option. 3. Do you see any partitions when you go to install? 4. If the repair option isn't there then update me as much as you can about the exact e
  16. Also in the command prompt where you entered "fixmbr" without quotations also enter "chkdsk /p" without quotations. Make sure there is a space between the "/" and the "p" Additionally Shanenin is correct in his thoughts. If you have precious data on your computer as most do, then you want to save your data. If everything fails in this forum and you absolutely 100% cannot find a fix then you should buy this adapter from newegg. It's rather cheap and will work with ANY hard drive you have. I personally have it and it's a decent utility for saving my clients data if their drives
  17. I've personally had this problem with the many computers I've worked with and I've easily found the fix. I don't know how good you are with computers so I'll explain it in a simple technical way, If you have problems let me know and I'll walk you through it step by step. 1. Change the boot order in the bios to boot from your CD first. 2. Insert the XP CD and click any key to boot from it. 3. Once it has loaded it will give you the options to Continue or Repair with Windows Recovery Console. 4. Click R. 5. Enter the command prompt and select your operating system. 6. Type the command with
  18. See as I've used a bunch of AV's, and dealt with users who use everything from Norton, to Avast, to AVG. I've had all of these computers where the computer still managed to become infected with malware. And the AV scanners picked up nothing. So these users had no clue they had trojans and adware on their computer. However, every time, Malwarebytes picked up what the AV missed. I am a major supporter of malwarebytes. 1. It doesn't run constantly in the background. 2. It is extremely effective and has gotten all malware that the top AV scanners miss. 3. The quick scan is roughly 2 to 5 min
  19. I've always been under the opinion that two are way worse than one. 1. There are unknown conflicts that occur between antivirus software. 2. They will produce such a load time on your machine that you might as well have a virus. Don't nortonfy your machine. Just use Avast. Although I've worked on machines where Avast failed to catch viruses and Trojans that have slipped through, so currently I'm installing MBAM on all of my clients machines and teaching them how to update it and to run it twice a week.
  20. Mine's Stephen Wright. I love his dry sense of humor, it makes me howl. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UIHZDo9NBMk...feature=related
  21. "Let dogs in so they do not bark at squirrels or people walking dogs and wake OL up." I laughed hysterically. Mine is to usually find out what day it is to see how much longer I can lay in bed until my next class. Then I get a drink.
  22. darthvader


    Avast is great, Honda boy has it straight on. I use MBAM + Avast on all the computers I work on. MBAM to remove Avast to protect On my personal computer I just use a weekly MBAM scan.
  23. Sounds to me like it could easily be a problem with your security applications. Sometimes they conflict. You can troubleshoot them via Start - Msconfig and try disabling one at a time and seeing if any of them make a difference. I'm not aware of your level of experience on computers (although I'm thinking your advanced due to your label). I'd start off by making sure you have no malware by running an updated scan with malwarebytes. After that I'd disable all security startup apps via msconfig and stopping the services for each correlating security application. Tell me if this changes anythi