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  1. Everyone says that... Those two were such good friends.
  2. Bozo is 50-50 boxer Shepard. His mom and dad were both 50% crosses. He was the only male in a litter of 12 and only one of three with Boxer traits. The Dane in the 2nd pic, crossed the Rainbow bridge last year at 10 1/2 years old. The little mutt will probably live forever.
  3. The following letter from an Iranian student was received by The Jerusalem Post via a professor at a leading American university with close ties to Iran:
  4. Handsome looking dawg! (luv dat pink nose)Sure looks like your son is pleased too. Just the right age to have a new pup.
  5. Congrats on the new 'puter! Whatta way to get one, though.
  6. What did I tell ya? Bought a generator after two 30+ hour outages last year... Kinda got excited to put it to work yesterday morning, but the outage started about 2am and was fixed before 9. Then we had another pop for about an hour later in the afternoon. I guess all the tree trimming and line maintenance they've been working on since January is having an effect. Hot dang! Them was some sizzle burger, T-boomin' storms! Just north and west of us they got 6" of rain in two hours.
  7. Grass-ohol! Ha! Wasn't that what early transportation used? (horses) It would take less nuke plants to power up the nations electric cars, then to make hydrogen. What we really need is a better battery... Until that happens, Hybrids are the answer.
  8. We've already done that, but the updates are still painfully long when you consider other applications, like Java, Adobe...etc. Reloading is like watching paint dry.
  9. Senator asks about firings of watchdogs Removal of 2 inspectors general prompts questions business as usual Chicago Style...
  10. Hey Shane! First off congrats on your free blog entry for the company. (we had one too) Have you contacted MS directly? All should be ok, since "ownership" is taken by registering the key.
  11. Other birds will eat Robin eggs. Blue Jays, for instance. Don't say no place for nests... Robins will nest "anywhere". Over the top of a porch light, bush, vine, we even had one build a nest on the winch of a boat trailer. The nest in the pic, fell out of that Trumpet vine twice. Glad I got that pic before they moved on...
  12. We feed da boidies all year round. The Goldfinches here I don't consider pests. They are friendly with the other bird at the feeder and love that "sunshine yeller". We also work hard to attract the "hummers". Starting with two Honeysuckle vines, a Trumpet vine and three feeders around the yard. Soon, when the Mondara (beebalm) blooms there will be HUM WARS, as they are very territorial. Here's some pictures of our "Birdie Family".
  13. First hummer!?!!! Ours have babies already. JD, better figure on getting aluminum screens. Grasshoppers will even chew holes in those fiberglass ones.
  14. And he spent how much for that night out?
  15. Hmm, to be honest I think I'd be adding rules to prevent such threads in the future lol, you never know whether it is their "brother" they are really trying to infect, or if it is actually someone's money they are trying to steal. Well, for one thing, "X" has been posting here for years. Much longer than you've been here. The second thing is it's all over the net how to do such things. There is all sorts of software out there and even more "script kitties" willing to help folks on spying. At least "X" kept it in the family.
  16. Around here, the Sheriffs non-profit is a PAC for the democrats.
  17. Gollee Brian, sure glad you were watching and not riding. As for you being strapped in, do the other seats have belts? I drive (volunteer) a 14 passenger bus for the local community center and it has a w/c lift with 2 tie down spots. The rest of the seats do have belts, but I go crazy getting my "bluehairedladies" to buckle up. I feel the same about school buses, why don't they have belts? We've seen some very ugly accidents involving the big yellow things through the years.
  18. Nice, thanks! Have you seen the Eagle Cam>
  19. It's been so dang windy here when I tried to plant some seeds in the planters by the shop I was afraid to lose them. It's raining a nice warm "spring" sort of rain here. No power outages, but then they have just completed a serious line maintenance in this area. The crews have been hard at it since January. I'll bet the "union" guys are smiling, not having to get out in this wet to repair tree damage.
  20. Oh my! Those MS updates have been screwing up a lot of sound cards lately. The Brit broke his and spent forever finding a fix, still hasn't... The only fix he knows of is "driver agent", but it's a pay for subscription...
  21. We missed that, here in SW, Mich. Liz got pounded, north of here. Looks like we're in for more. I still can't remember it ever being sooo windy!
  22. If it wasn't for the doggy bombs, I'd go for astro turf...