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  1. Ha! Forget it! Seems F-Secure v.8 is not compatible with Win7. v.9 will be out early December... Back to Avast for the time being.
  2. Sorry it took so long to get back to you, it's bee a crazy, busy (fun) holiday weekend. It is indeed F-Secure creating the logjam. Everything works as expected when it's disabled. Now, I can't seem to find the Add-on in FF to disable. Nor can we find anything in IE. (with F-secure enabled) Perhaps you can post the path to it for us?
  3. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone... May you day be blessed with fun, family and food!
  4. FireFox or IE... wireless or hardwired... Drivers updated. Sony Vaio, dual core, 2 gigs RAM. F-Secure Security Suite. Both browsers take near forever to load and sites, like forums, opening boards and threads is very slow. While waiting for the DVD... We did an "upgrade" install over Vista. Having done all we can do, we plan on a full install as soon as the disk gets here. I've been dual booting the BETA for a long time on my XP machine with no problems concerning speed. This machine is comparable to the Sony in hardware. Any ideas out there on what's going on?
  5. I use Bing on the shop computer. Keeping Google at home. Since I seldom search beyond the first page, I see little difference. Marty,
  6. You bet they don't care what they foist on us... I've never seen a gub'ment program that didn't blow the budget and be full of fraud and misuse. The "DC Nannies" cannot do anything right. These sort of things prove it: Not for profit? You bet! But in the red at the taxpayers expense? Shouldn't happen.
  7. Sure the USPS is good... for us. They still lost over a billion this year. I'd call that broken... This article also failed to mention Amtrak. No problem, the taxpayer will continue to prop up all of Washington's failures. Think about it, the bigger gub'ment gets the smaller your paycheck gets... But not to worry, Auntie Pelosi, and Uncles Franks and Reid will take care of you.
  8. So, you don't think Pelosi, Reid, Franks, and Emanuel are pulling Obama's puppet strings?
  9. Happy Birthday!!! Have a great day.
  10. Tsk, tsk... Bet you won't do that again... Your Windows key is still valid,(bought and paid for) find someone with disks and go for it on your new HDD... It doesn't matter if it's HP or OEM...
  11. We have a ViewSonic, Wireless Media Gateway. It's a great home server for us, with a 320 gig HDD.
  12. It's tough to repel them from an open place like a car... Do you keep the car in a garage? Do you, or your neighbors have a bird feeder? Some repellents
  13. Don't forget your bridge card....
  14. Someone is turning in his grave. I guess he could use the cash... Michelle was in Paris *again.
  15. About Microsoft Security Essentials I dunno, but having two security softwares running can be problems...
  16. Well it's fixed. I cleared the history in FF. Although I didn't get a security warning from Avast... This poster did.
  17. Well, I dropped into one of my favorite forums this morning... Using FF, I get a text page full of HTML code... IE renders just fine upon login... What's up? I have used FF almost exclusively for years. Here at BT everything is just fine.
  18. Of leftists? I think they're very full and making the turn back to the center, because the far left is running out of "entitlements" to empower them. Europe’s Socialists Suffering Even in Downturn