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  1. Our leader sure can pick'em.... He's the king of Czar-dom...
  2. That doesn't seem too unreasonable. 75 GPS units, comms, computers, software, mapping, training, marketing, etc. Gawd, you guys don't get it. Our town is small enough to track a bus by smelling it's diesel fumes. We don't have nighttime or Sunday service. Some of the stops require one to stand on an ice mound in winter, the buses are never near full and there is seldom more than 2-3 people at any stop. The entire service costs the taxpayers dearly and I don't see this 3 mil "stimulating" anything. Who's gonna pay the ongoing costs of this program? It's sure not gonna increase revenue or rider
  3. They found a fine scam here... This is for a whole 75 buses in a town of under 200k people.
  4. TuxPaint is an open source, free drawing software. Light Artist is a fun and easy photo editing program. Photo Story is a fun, easy to use slide show program from M$.
  5. Chappy! Dang! Tell him we still havta have that game of pool.. Wishing him well.
  6. Not that two wrongs make a right, but why don't they leave dogs lay? I wonder whats happening right now in THIS administration that could stir up an investigation in 4-8 years. What is the difference between doing the deed ourselves, or shipping these folks to a country that has no such qualms? Anyone here think OUR soldiers, which BTW wear uniforms and don't hide behind civilians skirts, would be coddled by an extremest group? War is hell, my friends. Like it or not... we're in one, and if you'll notice, the President is still committed to finishing in Afghanistan. (bad boys!)CNS news
  7. Why does the "royalty" always want to change the rules for themselves? Didn't Bloomberg just do the same in NYC? What was it momma said? "Do as I say, not as I do"
  8. The first step is admitting you have a problem...
  9. Ha! I knew it was doable, and figured they sure wouldn't make it easy. Sorry man.
  10. Just one question... Can you not remove the HDD and transfer it? Or just install it in your PC? (some software out there should be able to convert it, I think) The real video geeks out there should guide you....
  11. It just doesn't work as well as we remember. As I said, many things that were removed, remained running at start up. This in turn made the machine extremely slow starting. It could just be a Vista thing, but we'll find out soon because a new HDD for my XP machine is in my future. $20 for a new, start up business is a tough call. Effective advertising is costly and we're struggling to "get our name out there". Once we're paying the bills, purchasing software is next on our list...
  12. That's it! We run a small computer service business and are trying to keep costs down for our customers. Sure we can dig around here and there to get rid of extraneous stuff, but it takes time, time we we can use making money with out raising our rates. Even a Sony Tech needed an hour remotely on the machine to clear it's OWN crap. Funny thing, it was for add-on sales, that if/when purchased, the nag toolbar would still be there...
  13. Not just the "crappy" software, but the nag stuff... Dell, for instance, had about 6 entries... Not in add/remove. We ended up de-selecting the stuff when reloading. When we used add/remove on this Sony, they were removed from the list but that dang things were still in the device manager, cranking away at start up... It's an "in-your-face" PITA, IMHO... The old PC Decrapifier worked very well...
  14. We used PC Decrapifier successfully many times on XP. Just recently, we reloaded a Sony Vista machine, and we were very disappointed at how slow and ineffective it was. Also noted there is now a $20 version, so perhaps it's just a way to earn revenue. Now bare in mind it was necessary to spend an hour or so with Sony tech to remove "their" toolbar full of nags for further purchases... (why do they do that? Bottom line? Is there anything out there like Decrap, that does a good/better job?
  15. I've been thinking about Chappy for a while... He hasn't been around either.
  16. bozodog

    Forest Fires

    Scary stuff, Peaches. Glad you made it home and you're safe. Here's a video
  17. I'm with you. It's over, he's gone lets move on... This is happening because the committee has nothing else to do. Heaven forbid they investigate something current and within the presiding administration. Perhaps do a better job of vetting appointees? Has Obama taken to appointing czars because they bypass the vetting process?
  18. Congrats and good luck! Finding that job just may be more difficult than yer schoolin'...
  19. That's some creativity. Looks good too!