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  1. Still too dang cold here for grilling, although we had a break about a week ago and made beer-can chicken. Had chorizo and cornbread stuffed acorn squash last night,,,
  2. Asparagus on sale... Steamed, with broiled swordfish steaks, and cheese perogi.
  3. bozodog

    my dogs

    Nice looking pup, Pete. Sorry to hear you lost an old friend. Our neighbors had a Rot-Chow cross that looked like a Rot with a really bad hair day. Ford was the sweetest, big hairy dog ever.
  4. You could try moving the receiver around. Sometime just a small position change makes a big difference. You could also try giving your dogs more attention, that's what their looking for when getting into mischief. Take them for a walk, or give them some play time before you sit down at the drums. They're bored....
  5. Whoot! Marty. it's so good to hear from you. Glad you and your house made it through the shakes. Take care!
  6. Stuffed acorn squash tonite. Fresh polish sausage, corn bread stuffing, lots of onion and green pepper, topped with a bit of melted mozzarella.
  7. Having breaded pork steak, mashed cauliflower w/cheddar cheese, and probably chive biscuits. Sun has been shining all day, We really skirted the storm. All around us folks got well over a foot, we barely made 9". As we were finishing up a steak, eggs, and tater breakfast, neighbor rolled up with his snow blower a blowing. Life is grand! Super Bowl Sunday is toooo far away. Packs gonna take it!
  8. Made a big pot of vegetable, beef, barley soup... Sure warms the soul on a blizzard day. Here in SW Michigan, we have about 9" on the ground, but it's blowing up to 40mph... Half the storm yet to come.. !7f, wind chill 1.
  9. You know, that's kinda our problem here, two Yellow page publications. The big boy, AT&T, and a generic version. They look deceptively alike, so customers don't seem to care which one they keep or use. Both sell display ads, but the generic one uses last years AT&T main listings, leaving many numbers dead/canceled and has somewhat cheaper rates. It also comes out before the big boy. Sooo to get full exposure, I'd need to buy for two publications. I faced the same when advertising for my painting business. I hope your TV ad pays off....
  10. Coffee and a cigarette, later a couple double peanut butter, chocolate chip cookies.
  11. Looks good! Be sure to let us know how they do.
  12. Whoot! I'd love to drive one of those... I'm a retired painting contractor. Peaches is right... time seems so short. Sometimes I get up on Monday morning, and the next thing I know it's Thursday night.
  13. Yeah, but your area is a lake effect magnet... We live just east of the "lake effect" line, off lake Michigan. It's easy to drive 10 minutes west and see double the snow.
  14. bozodog

    my dogs

    Yes, we were fortunate. She was fed Iams large breed all her life. We kept her on the lean side for her joints, and plenty of exercise. The little one under her is pushing 16, and Bozo is nearly 9. We're looking for another Dane, or boxer pup to fill the family. Morgan is the computer shop dog... She goes 4 days a week.
  15. bozodog

    my dogs

    Bozo, the one on the left is 1/2 boxer, 1/2 shepherd... like his mom and dad were... He's 85 pounds. Morgan is registered, will be two years old in Feb. weighs 65. The Dane in the bottom pic, Gypsy, has passed, she was 11 years old and weighed 120 pounds. Fiffer, da mutt is 40 pounds, and she's 15 years old.
  16. Brrrr.... that happens all to often here in SW Michigan. For once, better you guys, than us...
  17. bozodog

    my dogs

    All our kids have paws....
  18. ATI knows more about it's own drivers than Microsoft. We never, ever let drivers update from MS. Go to ATIs site and find the correct driver.
  19. Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! We have just enough snow to make the day "Cheery and Bright"...
  20. Heh, heh... we don't sell any service often, but yes, we use Acronis. Our one large business account is the local Community Center, and they have an IT gal, but we take care of their "guests" machines and all their hardware needs. I expect that to change soon, as that gal is leaving. We also have an electric service company that pays me (nicely) to print all his paperwork and POs, and deliver them daily. We also do mirrors of reloaded systems, sometimes for the customer ($25), and sometimes for us. (cronic, 'puter toopid users) My husband, Chris (TheBrit) built our site with NAMO, which
  21. Hey shanenin, what do you think of ours? Yours looks good.
  22. Hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving Day.
  23. There is no way we could afford $1200 a month right now... I can't see how anyone still uses YP. I haven't looked at one in years. I guess we'll have to look harder into it.
  24. Yeah, that's the problem... advertising. We have a nice sign in front, the car is plastered, and this "bigger" sign is going to be 6' x 8', set high on a busy intersection. The big problem is media is sooo dang pricey. I keep trying to save, but you know how that is. One thing after another needs attention. I'd love to have TV, but we're going to settle for some radio first. Glad you're doing well. Keep it up!