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  1. Ahem... you forgot to mention Soros, Hollywood, et al on the lib side. Jeesch, your response seems to say ONLY the R's raised and spent $1 billion. Why are you "progressives" always calling the kettle black?
  2. Sorry Joe. Marty has passed away.
  3. We bought a new Weber "Q"300 gas grill this year. So far it's been the best grill I've used. We only have done several meals, because our weather hasn't quite changed over to "decking" yet. When we had a hot spell in March, TheBrit tried his famous beer-can chicken. Mmmmm, it was the best ever, and took half the time!
  4. bozodog

    OH NO

    I like both. I was dragged, kicking and screaming into 7, but it ain't bad. So I have XP at the shop, and Win7 at home.
  5. Traditional ham dinner today, with scalloped taters, and a nice green salad. Cheese cake for dessert.
  6. Marsh, we buy our beef from a local butcher, that buys all his meat from the Amish. Been doing business with him for many years. When we are ready to order a quarter, we ask him to pick us a nice USDA Prime, and hang it, this is called Dry Aged. This last hind cost us under $3.00 a hanging pound, we only lost about 20 pounds to the aging and processing. You can't beat the tenderness and flavor. Even the hamburger tastes aged. From what I understand, wet aging can go longer than a week.
  7. Whoot! We just bought a new Weber Q300 gas grill, and it's a beauty! It arrived Wed, so we assembled it and gave it the recommended 1 hour burn. Thursday we grilled a 28 day aged, prime porterhouse, seasoned zucchini, and asparagus. Deeeee-lish! Sadly, since then we got 8" of snow....
  9. Dang! Won't see that game. We're spending the long weekend on Lake Michigan, in a beautiful house on the dunes. No TV, no phone, no internet. Traditional turkey dinner, with all the fixins. Pee Ess.... Tony Stewart won the NASCAR 2011 championship.
  10. Thanks shanenin. We were finding folks around here didn't get BritFix, until they spoke to hubby. I missed the due date for the Yellow Pages last year, so started working on a new name.(kinda good, we ran into $10K worth of new septic system and well this spring) We'll make it this year, and are looking forward to the increased business. Waiting on signs. Another good thing, the one out front is showing it's age. We had magnetic fridge calendars made up, and are sticking them to cars all over the city.
  11. Man, the Lions are doing great this year! I'm cheering for them to keep it up. Maybe no Super Bowl this year, but wait...
  12. *You know how to polka, but never tried it sober. *You know what knee-high by the Fourth of July means. *You know it is traditional for the bride and groom to go bar hopping between the reception and wedding dance. *You know the difference between "Green" and "Red" farm machinery, and would fight with your friends on the playground over which was better! *You buy Christmas presents at Fleet Farm. *You spent more on beer and liquor than you did on food at your wedding. *You hear someone use the word "oof-dah" and you don't break into uncontrollable laughter. *You or someone you know was a "Dair
  13. Ours come and go. Sometimes we barely have room for them, and sometimes we're searching.
  14. The answer is so easy, don't do drugs if you want/need help .Don't do drugs if you want a good job.(that includes government workers) Cops and firemen are already tested. Would YOU like a doper cop protecting you and your family? What does the unemployable that are mentally ill have to do with testing welfare takers? Here in the US, under sixty percent pay the income tax that funds handouts to the rest. How is it fair that the citizens "least able to defend themselves" has become nearly 50% of the nation? Some out there just don't deserve it, and are scamming the system.
  15. Where is it a violation of civil rights? If you don't want to take a drug test, don't apply for a handout. That's easy, and no violation. If you don't want to take a drug test, don't apply for a job with quality company, and keep mowing lawns. If you don't want tests, don't be a pro athlete. I know we will agree to disagree, but it's the working taxpayers, "too much cash".
  16. Nooo, I'm not agreeing with that. I think drug testing every/anyone is a legitimate requirement for employment OR receiving welfare. Everyone that works at the companies above had to test before going to work, and face random and post accident testing everyday. Why shouldn't folks that DON'T work for their money? Here in Michigan we finally made a law restricting welfare to 48 months. Four years!!! Social programs are supposed to be a hand up, not a career.
  17. So that means ALL Home Depot employees are druggies? Stryker corp. engineers? Manpower temps? The hospital staff? The hotel staff? You have it bassakwards. Those folks are drug free, everyone of them. Can't say that about the "entitled" unless they're tested. (must be that Canadian air )
  18. Oh, you sound so very liberal, hitest...Wide spread!?!!! No offense, but most quality employers have drug testing mandates. Before employment, on the job accident, and random.(even MacD's and Home Depot) My neighbor's company hits hard the day after the superbowl, with a round of random tests. Even temp agencies test... I'd suspect drug use by anyone that is wanting a ride on the taxpayers dime, and yeah Terrorist, that means politicians too. Am I to assume hitest isn't subjected to testing?
  19. "unreasonable search and seizure"? Say what? If that's so, then collecting any assistance while on drugs is highway robbery. I don't care how needy they are, no drugs on my dime.
  20. Grilled Italian Red Roasters for TheBrit last night, stuffed with cream cheese and garlic. The night before, we had pan fried bluegill filets, with a big green salad. Discovered a great way to freeze our catch. We vacuum pack, so I tried adding spices to the fish before freezing. WOW! Made a perfect infusion of flavor! Added Mrs, Dash's garlic and herb to this one. Too bad it was a late discovery, we have about 40 pounds put up from the summer...
  21. Nononono..... Not my XP! (being dragged, kicking and screaming) I'm in a limbo now. I have put off Win7 for so long, I'm gonna wait for 8.
  22. Here's hoping everyone has a great 4th! Happy birthday Canada, too!
  23. Charter.... They are now offering 60 ultra Yep, that''s 60mbps download.