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  1. Hey Mandy! The pic is great!!! We're waiting on our sign man to agree. Thank you, so very much. A big batch of cyber, chocolate chip cookies are heading your way.
  2. Well, we're kinda in the city. If you can call a township of Kalamazoo a city... Our entire county population is about 300k. Neighbors tend to go out the same time as us, family doesn't have freezers. We do keep our freezers full to the brim, with water bottles and gel packs we got from Craigs List. I suspect that mass would take a long time to thaw, but being without power for 2+ days is grueling. Besides, we're on a well... It was 27f this morning... Glorious sunny day!
  3. Hi Ya! Thought you gave up on me. I know, you're a busy gal... I can't wait to see it. I've PM'ed you with my e-mail addy. Send'er on over.
  4. Heh, Marsh. We had bad troubles here with power outages. Three bad multi-day ones in less than two years, and the storms were not that bad. With a freezer full of aged beef and other goodies... we decided to buy a generator. That very same storm instigated an investigation into the PowCo. Next thing we know, Davey Tree Service is crawling all over the County clearing lines. Haven't had an outage since. Haven't needed the $700 generator, but we exercise it every 4 months or so to be ready.
  5. Hiya Marsh, that storm was a nothing... We got some rain and the wind, but nothing bad. *sigh, we haven't lost power here since we bought a generator.
  6. HoooWhooo! That looks just great! Is it possible to add a few more Union Jacks to the left, under the stars? I also found out that the sign man wants/needs at least 200-250 DPI... Does that make sense?
  7. Good info there, Pete... I'm still gonna leave it to someone that understands it all. What I want to end up with is a graphic I can use for all of our print and sign advertising. For instance, a flag on the door of our shop would need to be about 2' x2', but will be viewed close up by customers. I would love to be able to do "PhotoShop magic", but I just don't have that much time, or need to learn it all... *sigh, maybe some day.
  8. Oh! Hi Mandy! Since I know very little...( nothing?) All I can say is 1000x600 pixelates at 20" x 29" almost too badly to print. I changed the dimensions in publisher from the "banner" to something more square. The sign will have the flag sized at about 2' x 3'. From what I understand, it needs to be saved in something other than JPG, because of the compression. (jeesch, am I sounding real stoopid here?) I can e-mail a couple of my images if you like. I doesn't need to exactly like the one that Crow did, but we really like the way he added the Brit ensign to look like patches. Thanks so ver
  9. Heh, heh... I'm so PS stoopid I don't even catch half of what you said. All I know is it becomes too pixilated(sp?) when enlarged, even on that sign. I had to paint over the printed vinyl for clarity. I don't have PhotoShop, don't know how to make use of it, and really don't have the need or time to learn right now. The sign shop said they could do it, but it's VERY expensive. I can try the scan and save in a different format. We have a pretty good film/slide scanner. Did you ever make those galumpkis?
  10. Hiya all you BTers! As an inaugural member, I know someone out here can give me a hand with our company logo. A very long time ago, Crow made us a banner graphic for our website. njustice worked on it a bit too. Our problem is the size. We have an opportunity for a large billboard type sign, with an 80k amount of traffic daily right near our shop. Unfortunately, the JPG I have will not blow up to the size we need. As I understand it, it really can't be refined, or expanded as it is. So I need someone with PhotoShop know how to create another one, much larger. It's the flag on this sign...
  11. Here kitty, kitty, kitty...
  12. Morgan is our youngest, at 20 months old she has a ton of energy. and we have liftoff!!!!
  13. Two of my best friends...
  14. Here's a few cuties......
  15. My favorite sunrise picture. It's my front yard, in SW Michigan.
  16. Wow, that's a pile of pups... Momma looks bewildered.
  17. It's been hotter'nhades here in SW Michigan... Was laughing with friends about the Memorial weekend we spent camping a few years back. It was 38 degrees! Almost hit 80 yesterday.
  18. Wait!!! No separate bedrooms?!?? Don't forget to put the seat down...
  19. A man, with a phone, to lavish diamonds and clothes on me would work...
  20. Birthweek! Birthweek folks... That's what I tell hubby. Thanx all, it was a delightful one, once again.
  21. I found a bunch of understanding and knowledge at battery university.
  22. You need to open TWO browser windows. Maximize both to the size you want and close them. When you reopen, you should be the size you need.