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  1. Welcome marty; AV is only as good as it's current detections; A good AntiTrojan is a necessity these days.
  2. More Info: Comments made by vinzenz.ewido - ewido rep - @ Wilders :
  3. martymass, look in the Thunderbird Options and set as:
  4. Welcome to BestTechie, Cliff
  5. Congratulations to both rv56 & LJM Master
  6. Thank you very much Matt. and rv56, martymas , hitest and bar5
  7. This topic will be permanently 'stickied' in due course.
  8. How to Post Updates Our Updates forum, unlike some others, is open to all members who are welcome to post updates. The guidelines and practices followed by the Update Experts exist for good reasons: the safety and security of the members and the board, as a service to members who need and use security programs and softwares, as an enhancement to the life of the board and the support the board provides to our members and the general public. When posting an update please collect and post the information issued by the vendor/author(s) with a link to the vendor(s) web page - update page, cha
  9. Thanks sidekick; that's a great resource; know and use several of the freebies there and used to post alot of it in the Updates forum; will start posting some of them here again!
  10. A Linux Distribution Comparison Matrix»
  11. Welcome back Chappy and all fingers crossed for a good outcome...
  12. Here are some goodies : ExtractNow! (love it - just drag a zip onto the shortcut and it outputs to a file (set your options)on my desktop) Cubic Explorer (some say the best) iColorFolder CleanCache (because it "Wipes" the files off your drive - 3 choices including DOD and Gutmann (CCleaner as a backup check only) Power Defragmenter GUI & Sysinternals Contig (because XP defrag well, leaves much to be desired) (drop both into a file & put a shortcut where you wish)
  13. That's good news Marty..a relief for you ....
  14. Terrorist - take a look at FastStone Image Viewer - been following it and using it since the early days and it's great and very popular - on 512 Ram, I updated to SP2 and my system is very slow - double boot time - and ram is running at 50% despite having all unnecessary services & startups disabled - can't upgrade the hardware right now so I'm thinking of removing SP2.
  15. Happy Birthday Kat - Hoep you have a wonderful day!
  16. Listen ... is a Music player and management for GNOME With Listen you can: Play your favorite songs Manage your library Manage your ipod Make playlists Automatically or manually download album covers Automatically synchronize album covers with iPod Easily burn an audio CD Directly get informations from wikipedia when you play a song See the lyrics of a song Have statistics about your favorite songs, albums or artists Listen to web radio Submit your songs to Audioscrobbler Quick access to related file With Listen you will be able to: Listen And Rip Audio CDs Browse and listen songs on
  17. Linux / FreeBSD / Solaris - AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic The private, non-commercial use of AntiVir Workstation for Linux / FreeBSD / Solaris is free. A registration of the AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic Workstation for Linux is not necessary any more. The licence file is now included in the download tar file. NEW! The scope of services of the cost-free AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic for Linux - FreeBSD/Solaris was adapted to the cost-free AntiVir PersonalEdition Classic Windows by the recent release change: new graphic user interface (GUI) no registration is necessary the functions Mail
  18. GNOME 2.14.0 Beta 2 2006-02-16 10:02. "Can you feel it? It's getting nearer. Nearer. Nearer. You should feel it now. You should even be able to hear it. And see it. Look! Here it is! Another release full of yummy contributions. We are pleased to announce the delicious release of tasty GNOME 2.14.0 Beta 2 (2.13.91) . This is one of the last delicate releases in the delectable 2.13 development series and represents a toothsome release that is now API/ABI, feature, string and UI frozen. This means that we're pretty close to the succulent final 2.14.0 release. The delightful GNOME contributors
  19. That's a false positive and was corrected with Def's Update #5807 which was issued immediately after it was discovered(within a couple hours). MS has just released "Defender Beta 2" replacing MS AntiSpyware - XP Service Pack 2 only.....
  20. Google Earth now available Mac OS X (10.4) January 10, 2006 More Info» | Google Earth Mac - Beta» Beta Software - Use at Own Risk!
  21. Security Advisory: Outpost not blocking traffic on Windows shutdown "It has been discovered that during Windows shutdown, Outpost does not block traffic allowing unsolicited incoming traffic to access systems for a short period of time. This depends on system configuration but testing has shown this to be in the region of 3-10 seconds (though a 20-second window was encountered in a test with Outpost 2.7). While this issue was discovered with Outpost 3.0, all earlier versions of Outpost should be assumed to be affected also." Source: Outpost Firewall Forums» Note; This may also occur during s
  22. Final Agenda of February 9th Public Workshop "The Anti-Spyware Coalition has released a full agenda with a complete list of speakers for the February 9th Public Workshop. Those interested in attending the workshop can register online now. Final Working Report of Risk Model Description Unveiled After receiving many public comments and carefully reviewing the draft document, the Anti-Spyware Coalition has released the Final Working Report of the Risk Model Description. A summary of the comments received is also available. Final Working Report of Spyware Definitions and Supporting Documents Rel
  23. Mac OS X Update 10.4.4 January 10, 2006 The 10.4.4 Update delivers overall improved reliability and compatibility for Mac OS X v10.4 and is recommended for all users. It includes fixes for: SMB/CIFS and NFS network file services Bluetooth wireless access Core Graphics, Core Audio, Core Image, RAW camera support, including updated ATI and NVIDIA graphics drivers Spotlight indexing and searching AppleScript, iChat, DVD Player, and Safari applications Dashboard widgets: Calendar and Stocks Software Update and Sync Services compatibility with USB and FireWire devices and third party applications p
  24. 180's Newest Installation Practices Read more»