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  1. Thank you Nancy! (wow - our work is cut out for us today!) Dear members: All AT & AV vendors are issuing multiple updates; please run your updaters several times today, if on manual, or check your updated definitions - and stay safe out there!
  2. @ The Sentinel
  3. @ BlackViper:
  4. Suggestion: Go to the Logitech Website and find your Mouse Model/product....and drivers. Topic moving to PC help forum.
  5. Please go to the following link; Patch Released!
  6. The GNOME 2.12 Desktop is the latest release of the ever popular, multi-platform free desktop environment - on time, to the day! It includes a number of interesting new features and hundreds of bug fixes. You can learn more, and read the in-depth, translated release notes on the GNOME 2.12 Start Page. Release Notes | Download
  7. The latest stable version of the Linux kernel is: 2.6.13 - 2005-08-29 00:03 Changelog The latest snapshot for the stable Linux kernel tree is: 2.6.13-git4 - 2005-09-03 Changelog
  9. GNOME 2.12 will be released to the world on September 7th, 2005, culminating 6 months of very exciting work by members of the project. A number of exciting technologies come together in GNOME 2.12 that will set the standard for free software desktops to come. Here is a sample (by no means an exhaustive list) of some of the outstanding work that has gone into GNOME thanks to its many contributors. Highlights of Gnome 2.12 include improvements and add-ons: New Default Theme - Clearlooks Core Technology - GTK+ 2.8 - Clipboard Management - Hardware Abstraction Layer - improved integration with
  10. Thank you very much tashi @TeMerc All above quotes from this DSLR thread
  11. **************************************************************** Apparently net-Integration website/forums have been hacked and mass emails are being sent out from the webmaster ie: which contians Trojan-PSW.Win32.LdPinch.gen (Kaspersky on line scan) Currently, attempting to contact N-I forums will result in "This Account Has Been Temporarily Suspended for Security Purposes" further details when available will be posted...... Should you receive any such emails, immediately delete; do not open!
  12. Thanks to BestTechie for allowing me to post it - we will not feature any real computer/security help, however, I hope to get a read-only topic set up with a little info and a link here !
  13. Hi Folks: A grop of us friends the computer/security help forums has started up a cool graphics site/forums It is a family & kids friendly place and also has some really fine adult graphics friends on site (you may just recognize some of the nicks) to provide tutorials, help and encouragement, as well as showing us some of their fine work and techniques.(check out some of the avatars & sigs!) If you have a few moments drop by and bring the kids! New Members Click Image
  14. Moving this to "Windows Support" forum, folks!
  15. Release Announcement: Gentoo Linux 2005.1 August 10, 2005 The Gentoo Foundation is pleased to announce the much anticipated release of Gentoo Linux 2005.1 (Codename: El Nino). The ISO images for the release can be found by visiting the Get Gentoo! page. Users may also download files from an unofficial BitTorrent with full ISO images and stages. Much thanks to Friends of Gentoo e.V. for providing this tracker. <Gentoo Homepage> <Download>
  16. Marty: am looking for a good place to move this - I think Security Alerts is better than Software Updates. I will look around and move in short time!
  17. CrsL is Java enabled in the Firefox Tools >>Options >> Web Featues ?
  18. Happy Birthday Jeff - Have a great time - Hi ya Mandy! You both have a blast!
  19. <<Info & Links to Windows/Mac/Linux Builds>> Warning: Pre-Release Software for Knowlegeable Testers Only!