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  1. Any football fans out there? Well since I'm from San Francisco I have to go with the 49ers. Sucks though, they lost to the Falcons yesterday. First time the Falcons have won at the 'Stick in a while.Our quaterbacks are pretty weak this year, defense looked good though. Lets see how the rest of the teams do in the season. Bring on the Saints, hopefully the 49ers will do better. What are your favorite teams, if you have any? go SFGiants!
  2. I also like this skin, its the one that I have stuck with. I am going to try Orbit Grey 0.2.1. . I also noticed that sometimes they have previews in the upper right hand corner, only some do though.
  3. I have not watched the show in such a long time. I used to watch(CFH or SS) the shows and if I missed it I would watch it in the morning, don't think they still repeat it. Honestly, I really did enjoy both shows quite a bit, but now I have forgotten they exist and the channel. Pretty sad I think, I'm sure they lost alot of loyal viewers with all the transitions and growing pains the show has exhibited. I will make a note to watch the new show today (repeat?) and will add my thoughts.
  4. Hello, everyone. Didnt know where else to post. This is a simple registry change that allows you to open Ad-aware with Firefox. Normally it would open with IE, even though Firefox is my default browser. Reposted from Lavasoft: For those users who have Mozilla or Firefox as their default browser, a small registry change is needed in order to open links from Ad-Aware SE with these browsers instead of IE. This is because neither Mozilla nor Firefox make this registry change themself. Note: It is always recommended that you back up your registry before making any registry edit. Please see . Micro
  5. I think its a great addition to your arsenal. You can try it out for FREE and see how you like it. You can never have enough weapons against the baddies! Good luck
  6. Hi Nerelda, I found these on Spybot several months ago: MySearch (Spybots) New.net (Spybots) Other culprits: LSSP.New.net (LSP) SideStep (Revision) More on Ignore products I have also begun to also check my settings after I do an update. Looks like some users of are having some issues with Searchforit
  7. Check this out, I don't know anyone has seen this, but I thought it was pretty funny. It seems someone had some odd help in putting together his computer. Legomen help out
  8. No worries, and Welcome to the boards
  9. Hello everyone, here is a security alert(s) for users of Kerio Personal firewall Versions affected: Kerio Personal v.2x Kerio Personal v.3x Kerio Personal v.4x
  10. I just downloaded Adaware SE 1.04 from majorgeeks.com. I uninstalled the previous version, rebooted and installed it. Put a tick to perform a full system scan and no problems. Have XP home SP1,havent taken the SP2 leap yet I'm glad to see you installed 6.0, still a great piece of software.
  11. Hi itsinthegamea0 I would add: Bazooka spyware scanner another antispyware application. I would also remove PAL spyware removal a rogue spyware tool. You can double check your list or any future programs: Spyware Warrior. List looks good.
  12. cool, glad your invites are back and all is well. Now we know that they do come back.
  13. Hi CurlingSteve, that is EXACTLY what I was talking about, cleaning the past items. Thanks again, worked like a charm, everthing has to be tidy:D
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    New Memeber

    No I have not seen him, don't know why. But maybe later we might catch a glimpse.
  15. Can any one give me the command or was it reg modification to remove past unwanted taskbar items? The ones that are in the"TaskBar and Start Menu properties" > customize notifications> past items. Some one posted this once at the G4 boards and I would like to remove them again, TIA.
  16. hell everyone.Haha I think that kitty could be anyone after 30 cups of coffee, a human pinball. Well anyways, Just started my daily fix, and it is very nice on a Saturday morning watching college football.
  17. 30 cups of coffee, wow. Did you work the graveyard shift somewhere?I know quite a few people that cannot function without it, carrying their 32oz. coffee mug. Coffee can be so addicting, just imagine if it was within reach and some Kahlua to add to it or your choice of poison.
  18. Yes SpywareGuard is a definite must add-on to your PCs protection. I also run it in conjunction with SpywareBlaster ,no problems as of yet.
  19. Hi WiredMonkey, I have not tried the Yahoo toolbar, since I was also skeptical. From what I have read, you have to manually configure it scan for spyware, might be changed. It uses Pestpatrol in its partnership with the tool bar. Also another bit of controversy was the Claria and Gator financial links. Here is some interesting reading: Yahoo toolbar False spyware links There are plenty of articles concerning the Yahoo toolbar.
  20. Same here concerning the blue banner style box, I thought I lost all my invites. They are a little hard to see, but they are there. If they disappear, thay should come back. Report if they do. Side note: gmail invites still available pm info.
  21. Hi snaxe, this is how I manually removed the DSO exploit, I'm sure that there are a couple other ways to do it, but this is the route I took. Basically after you are done with your scan, the DSO exploits(5 for me) will come up.Before you do anything, since you will be in the registry, please back it up. To backup your registry: start> run> regedit(enter)> right-click on the key you will be altering> export> save. Once SpyBot S&D is done scanning, do not choose to fix the DSO exploits, expand the entries by clicking the "+" sign. Right-click on one of the keys brings up the
  22. No worries. I think this type of information is important nonetheless, to alert the users that don't have A2 to also update their anti-everthing programs.
  23. Just imagine if an espresso mod was in the works, you would be bouncing off the walls. Or for il wiccan a small distillery, for some sour mash.
  24. Came across this computer, this would be great for the people who are on the net and need their coffee. One lump or two?
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    Here is another scam that is going around. This one has to do with Citibank, I reported it to Citibank so they can "try" to deal with it. Dear Citi-Card User, This e-mail was sennt by the Citibank-Online servers to veerify your email adderss. You must cmotpele this pseorcs by clicking on the link below and enttering in the little window your Citi-Bank ATM Card number and PiN that you use on local Atm machine. This is donne for your pecrtotion -C- because some of our members no lngoer have access to their email adsrseeds and we must verify it. To veerify your e-mail adress and access your Ci