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  1. I don't like the program Erser. What program that has similar features to Erser do you recommend?
  2. AbsoluteShield Internet Eraser Lite, xcleaner_free, and IE Privacy Keeper were installed on this machine. I removed all three because I felt having all three of those was too excessive. Do you know of a freeware program that will do the features of those three programs?
  3. Is there a freeware program just like XPLite that has the same features. I want to remove Windows Movie Maker but you can't with the trial version of XPLite.
  4. Is it safe to uninstall if you use broadband and not dial up or dial up with the Connexant V.92 or Broadcom modems?
  5. Digital Line Detect is installed on a Microsoft Windows XP machine. What exactly is Digital Line Detect?
  6. I installed PAL Spyware Remover on a machine. I just found out that it is a rouge product. Is there a program I can download that will completely remove it from that machine. These two links are very useful.
  7. Here is a list of security programs I use. What security programs do you use? a squared - freeware Ad-Aware - freeware avast! Antivirus - freeware Empty Temp Folders 2.8.3 Spybot-Search & Destroy - freeware SpywareBlaster - freeware ZoneAlarm - freeware