Besttechie Turns 2!

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Over the past two years, BestTechie has grown into a great and friendly community.. and here's what some of our members think:

"This is a unique board. We are a little wackie at times, all in fun, but very friendly with a family atmosphere" - bar5

"BT is a good family type board with people of all ages on it, including many teens so try it out you might like it there." - thesidekickcat

"We have the nicest members including Admins and Mods around!" - blim

"We're nice and clean here. You'll get to know us cause there are costant regulars" - Honda_Boy

"The great part about BT is that you don't have to just talk tech, its a nice family environment as well" - Matt

"this is a very friendly forum that has a coffee house atmosphere." - hitest

"Besttechie is teh pwnage" - swordofdestiny

"BT is one the the best places you could ask for." - JSKY

"BestTechie has intelligent, knowlegeable, and funny people who treat each other with respect." - Makai

" makes us warm and fuzzy at night" - Danny

"I'd like to thank everyone on this site who helps out and makes it possible, not just the admin/mod team, but all the members as well. Without all of you there would be no site. Thanks everyone so far! It's only going to get better from here!" - Besttechie (Jeff)


Thanks for all the support from everyone in the continuing effort to make our site grow and make it what it is today!! :D

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hey Rock On! It has been nearly one year since the incident that brought most of us together here.

*wait am I whacked? It's been over a year it was the 16th when that happened.

Cool. A quote from me is in there. :P

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Danny :D

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Wow! It's hard to believe its been 2 years already! Man, this forum has really grown up! I have grown to love my online life with each and every one of you! Remember when we were excited about hitting 500 members?? Look at us now! Almost 1300! Congrats Jeff on such an awesome forum, let's keep it rollin'! (And to think we almost missed this day!) :D


Matt :thumbsup:

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Congratulations, Jeff!!!!! It is amazing that our favourite forum now marks this important milestone. :thumbsup:

It seems like just yesterday that we were starting out; people continue to sign up as good news travels very fast. is a unique community populated by people that I care deeply about; you are my friends. :D If you are new here please feel free to have a cup of java in the Besttechie cafe or a brew in Whiskyman's bar.

Welcome to our home. :D

Happy Birthday,!!!!

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Holy Crap....!!

(I can say that...not YOU ;) )

Has it been 2 years already?

I guess so huh, I almost completely overlooked that lil factoid.

Well, what can I say but THANK YOU to all the wonderful folks that make up our BESTTECHIE.NET Community!!

Without you guy's-N-gal's we wouldn't be here, so I think the BIG thx has to go to you all out there that keep this place going and keep it the Best Place in the WWW to hang your hats! :thumbsup:

Jeff & I have put allot of work into this little place for you folks and we have some Fantastic Mods & Staff that also work tirelessly to keep this place clean and presentable (for the most part anyway..) for when you drop in. We do this all for you guys, our members, and we appreciate the fact that you have made us this popular that we're now banning up to 6 - 8 spammer/trolls a week!!! :wacko:


Thx again Jeff for having the faith in me to make me #2 here and most of all, Thx to the Members, SuperMods, Moderators, Staff and Guests who drop in and make us what we are today!

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How could I resist posting on this event? (I'm not late! You're late!) For fear of saying something cheesy, I'll keep it short with a "Happy birthday", so happy birthday, Jeff and BestTechie!

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Happy Belated Birthday to BestTechie!!! :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Hard to believe it has been two years already, and hopefully it will continue on for many more good years!!!

Thanks Jeff, and everyone, for keeping this a good peaceful, stress-free, happy go lucky, slightly wacky in a good way, family place for us to always be proud to be a part of. May it always be so!!!

Luv ya'all. :wub:


God bless everyone

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