Happy Birthday, Jeff!

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*Approaches the podium and motions for someone to provide a box for some extra height*

*steps up*

*taps the mic* ... *clears throat* ... test, test, is this thing on? hello? hi! ^_^

Dear Ev, :wub:

Today is a truly special day! It is your 21st birthday (in case you weren't already aware!) and I'm just as nervous excited as you are. Now you can stop bugging me to buy you alcohol, and you can just get it yourself! :P (Just kidding!) :rolleyes: Even though you can be a little silly (read:smelly) sometimes, I love you and I'm glad I get to spend this day with you (even though I get to spend every day with you, that's besides the point) ... this day is extra special because it's YOUR birthday and you're entitled to all the cake, cookies, and computers that your heart desires! :o Have a super duper fun-and-present-filled birthday!! It's going to be sweeeeeet =)



In addition to my little speech tonight, I've invited someone extra special to say a few words and present you with an extra sweet treat:



Make a wish!


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hi jeff

happy birth day

havent bin here a while

but when i see the familiar users names

i feel at home

ge jeff

21 [ it is seven years when i first contacted you then it was baluga]

lucky bugger

you enjoy the day

and take care

to me you are a special friend

dont get tipsy and have a good one


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