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Confession time--I'm 47 years old but love "alternative music", so I'm an embarassment to my kids but a hero to their friends--Pearl Jam, Beck, U2, Velvet Underground, Greenday, etc. Not the "screaming stuff", though. Always hated country. Liz

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I've listened to alot of things over the years...everything from classic rock to jazz to country to classical to blues to hard rock/metal etc. etc. etc.. Since I learned how to play guitar listening to hard rock/metal (still play 23+ years later), that's pretty much what I still listen to, even at the age of 36...No, I'm not really listening to the same bands (well, maybe a couple), there's alot of talented kids out there these days and I've kept a pretty youthful ear...and yes, I listen to the screaming stuff too...lol

as you can see, like rv56, "guitar driven" does it for me too.

For the new stuff, lately my tastes are (in no particular order):

A Perfect Circle, Chevelle, Sevendust, Soil, Black Label Society, Hoobastank, Incubus, Shinedown, Three Days Grace, Slipknot, Seether, Tool, Nickelback, Mudvayne, Disturbed

That's nowhere near a complete list, just what I could think of off the top of my head :D

for the old stuff, I'd be a little too embarrassed to mention some of the 80's hair metal but I was into quite a few good bands back then and still listen to em' a bit....like: Van Halen, Ozzy, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, so on and so on

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Hey Tictoc5150......looks like we pretty well have the same list of bands we listen too and interests. (Been playing for 36 years.....slowed down some though...lol....pushing to be 49 yrs. old this summer.)

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Bad Company


Black Crowes

Blue Oyster Cult

Jackson Browne

Jimmy Buffett


Joe Cocker



Deep Purple


Emerson, Lake and Palmer

Fleetwood Mac (Still in love with Stevie)


Grand Funk

The Guess Who

The Hollies

Jethro Tull

Janis Joplin



Led Zeppelin

Little Feat

Lynyrd Skynyrd

John Mayall

Molly Hatchet

Moody Blues



Did I mention Stevie?! :P

Roy Orbison

Tom Petty

The Stones rule.


Bob Seger


James Taylor

Ten Years After

Thin Lizzy

38 Special

T. Rex

The Turtles

Uriah Heep

Savoy Brown (I know Kim Simmonds and his wife Debbie, Pete MaMahon and the SuperNaturals played at my bar a couple years ago and Kim popped in, it was one hell of a jam.)

Scott Walker

The Who

Plus many local/national blues bands. I used to have a Blues night every Saturday at my place.

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Everything TT75 listed plus


Reggae (Bob Marley)



Old Blues (Joe Fahey, Blind Lemon Jefferson, Sonny Terry, Brownie McGhee)

British Folk


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as odd of a combination as it might sound here's what i listen to.

Heavy Metal ----- mostly underground and my favorite music :)

Hard Rock

Rock N Roll -------- mostly 80s

Punk ------- a little punk once in a while

Rap ------ a little rap if it's Linkin Park or Kid Rock or something like that


Blues and a little Jazz too

Classical ------ i had a weird habit of making mixes of famous classics like Beethoven's Fifth Symphony with Heavy Metal and home Made Techno :huh:

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1. Buddy Holley....the real king of rock &roll

2. Connie Francis...the perfect pitch

3. Tanya Yucker...the party girl

4. Johnny Cash...the rebel side of me

5. Walela....native american

6. Roy Orbison...just because

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Hmmm... This is tough. I like so many bands. Ok, lets see who I can name. My collection is over 500 songs after rebuilding my collection about a year ago. So over 500 songs is pretty good. Anyway, heres some of my favorites bands/artists. Some of them are underground bands I am very into the underground music scene.

No specific order.

The All-American Rejects


American Hi-Fi

Avril Lavigne (shes hot) :lol:



Bowling For Soup



Chronic Future

Dashboard Confessional

Deciding Tonight (Underground)

Green Day

New Found Glory

The Sleeping (Underground)

Patent Pending (Underground)

Race The Sun (Underground)

November Kills (Underground)

Papa Roach


Senses Fail

Simple Plan


Sum 41


Taking Back Sunday

The Used


Thats just some of my favorites. I've got a ton more. B)


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Let's see, my favourites, in no particular order (I have shatloads more, but most electronic/techno/trance producers usually release only a few songs).

Astral Projection


Electric Universe

Infected Mushroom



Tiesto (Somewhat)



Vadim Zhukov



Cosmic Wave

Other non-electronic bands I like+listen to frequently:


Alexandrov Ensemble (Old Russian Communist Songs)

Green Day

And knowing my 12Gb MP3 collection, there's assloads more.

<<<edit: Almost forgot about Bobina, kickass trance mixes>>>

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~ My musical tastes are eclectic and range from classic and top 40 rock, to

my ultimate favorite genre...smooth jazz!

Listing my favorites gets more difficult the older I get, because the list simply grows and grows.

The short version of my current favorites list include Brian Culbertson, Steve Cole, Pamela Williams, Marion Meadows, Chris Botti, Peter White, Fattburger, Fourplay, Bob James, Acoustic Alchemy, Rick Braun, Joyce Cooling, Pieces of a Dream and Hall and Oates (they always seem to make the cut!) etc.

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Hi B,

Your list made me chuckle--my son introduced my 72 year old mother to Punk Rock (...she wanted to know what's new in music...) and she absolutely LOVES NFG!! He even ended up copying her a CD. Guess my eccentric tastes are from her genes...

(but Boston? :sighs and slaps forehead...: :) ) Liz

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Wow... What a cool group of people.The range is far reaching and yummy! Well...i'd be the nerd in the group. i like "show tunes". i can't help myself.i'm truly a geek. i collect 'em :D

i've fired up a BIC at Pink Floyd and cried like a baby at a public viewing of the "God Bless the USA"video. i like almost all music. If it has a rhythm that's a plus. But i've listen to Whale Songs (and liked them). i loved Jim Croce and the less remembered Cashman and West. i'm lovin' Keanes sound to date. Sometimes lyrics ruin it for me but the music often redeems.! To much airplay ruins a song for me! Come on... It's music not mind control.There is just to much music waiting to be born... Let it all be heard! Ummm i'm ranting... Sorry...

i miss Freddy Mercury of Queen...i wanted to marry Paul Revere AND the Raiders!


Thanks for the topic hitest !

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Hey blim...

You still have your vinyl copy?(green w/ envy icon) You are wise...But i sense a sadness in Cashman and West...i'm sure they would want to be next to "Croce" in MY collection...OK it's late i'm just plain silly :D

My sister sold my LP at a yard sale.i had her on ignore for 2 years...My bad? My kiddin? :rolleyes:

Oh...Just caught your list keith (clickin fingers) ELO ...forgot about them...SWEET list ;)

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Hi Echobay,

Hunted and found 2 of 'em, Moondog Serenade(1973) and A Song or Two(1972). Nestled between Moody Blues and......Jim Croce's Photographs and Memories!!! Poor records smell kinda musty...... :(

And KeithLDick,

Yes!! Both versions of the band!! (You young'uns, *cough*download*cough*Yes)

Me thinks we are dating ourselves here--well, at least everyone already knows I'M old :) ......Liz

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/ Psst blim...lol me saying "i like show tunes" pretty much was enough trauma for my nite . Come on just try and SAY IT...he he he... AHH Oohhh...Moody Blues...Nice one...

DOH ...i feel like i'm being a post piggy... PM me sometime blim! Sorry hitest !

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