The Unofficial "get Rid Of Gmail Invites Thread"

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I got (apparently) 50 gmail invites and I've got no one to give them to. And you can, too. Now, I know that everyone and their grandma's have a gmail account...but there's no hurt in trying. Here's the rules:

Post the number of invites you have left, if someone wants an invite they PM someone on the list with the information (current email address, etc), or they can post the info in this thread, and the first person on the list with invites get precedence, there is a 24 hour grace period where the person on top of the list can send out the necesary number of invites, then it's open game.

Be sure to update your posts with the new number of invites.


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Ive got 100... but I was thinking, instead of this, why not just set up accounts... get the gmailk drive program, and add 100gb to your computer???


Thought about it for about 10 mins and then decided against it because accessing the files would be a pain......i would forget about the stored stuff i have in there lol....and i think it has to be files under 10 MB at a time ?? or you may have to split them.

IMO i think i'd rather spend the money on a 100GB hd than go through that

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I guess they're getting ready to go public/ sign up soon...

You know what would be cooler? if they never went public. Just keep going on the invite system, so its more exclusive :). Because obviously when they go public people are going to create hundreds for the sole reason of having a makeshift online HD.

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