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  1. ok i got i working now, after several tries but i got done. a legal copy of windows is now on the smaller harddrive in the Hp ready for me to sell and now a blank hard drive ready to go is in my new computer sweeeet. thanks guys for the help and nice links btw
  2. (hands TheTerrorist_75 his lucky snow shovel0 here you go, your gona need it (makes whinny impatient puppy noises and fidgits in his chair) well i got all the parts for my new computer the other day, *sigh* except the motherboard, for some reason i forgot to add it to the combo deal with the processor. i got most of it from so i called them up and she sent out the motherboard i wanted and even express shipped it. according to tracking info it was scanned on the truck and sent out from the local ups hub this morning at 8:00am but it's now 2:00Pm and it still isn't herrrrrrrrre.
  3. first of all, (downs a few aspirin and a glass of water) i'm a bit hung over so my internal human cpu isn't running at full capacity. LOL (ouch! my head hurts) ok i'm gona have a new computer and i want to transfer the os over to another hard drive i just bought. i know it's a risky thing, soo much chance for file degradation and what not. but i'm gona give it a shot. so what would be the bust way and program to attempt such a probably unstable feet? or should i just shoot myself in the foot, yell and kick the computer until it works. LOL or i can borrow a friends xp install cd and try to u
  4. nahhh there just 3 or 3 years old. WOW is my main game, which i have to have. and i've found a couple of sites where others have been just using wine for quite a while now. so far i've just been using the PC only for games and the Mac for everything else, i didn't mind since the PC was just pieced together for super cheap.
  5. (a little kid walks up to the door in a ghost costume) TRICK OR TREAT!! BOOOOOOOOO!!!! (a little kid walks back up to the door 5 minutes later in a pirate costume) TRICK OR TREAT!! AARRRGGGGG!!! (a little kid walks back up to the door 5 minutes later in a Mad Scientist costume) TRICK OR TREAT!! (a little kid walks back up to the door 5 minutes later in a Pumpkin costume) TRICK OR TREAT!! (a little kid walks back up to the door 5 minutes later in a Computer Tech costume) TRICK OR TREAT!! (a thread monster walks up to the door snarling in an attempt to scare the people in the cafe)
  6. it's a mid size. i put it on craigs list and got 2 offers by the end of the day. 1 for $200 and 1 for $250. i emailed to accept the larger offer on friday but he still hasn't emailed back so i'm emailing the other guy now and telling him that he can have it for $225. if he says too high i'll just take his offer of $200 cause all i wanted was $150 for the way it was. which is great cause i spent around $320 to build my new computer so this helps pay for that.
  7. just wanted to say thank you for the help. i looked up what games and programs wine already supports. for the most part every thing that i can't find a linux eqivilent to has already been done on wine and since i was running alot of opensource programs on my mac anyways, there's no problem there cause i can just use the same ones. it's just a few games that made only for windows that i need, mostly older 1's so i'll try giving wine a shot first and then transgaming if i need to. thanks for the help guys (nods head in appreciation)
  8. ha ha ha hitest you havent converted your daughter yet young people are resilent she will go there [much to your delight] when she feels like it young have more choices then i did all my family are compt wizzes im the only one who has trouble turning it on marty LOL, you're right, marty! My kid is a windows girl all the way. Maybe one day she might want to try out Linux, but, not now. Heh, where did I go wrong? if it helps any, you did help to convert me, but i don't think i looks as cute in the Little Linux _Penguin Outfit.
  9. how's every body doing? hows your wife doing Robroy, still doign better i hope. (looks to see thesidekitcat asleep in the compfy rocking chair with honeybun on her lap) been in any trouble lately Blim? yeah you sure lucked out Terrorist. well i've got parts coming to build a PC and i'm gona take a break from apple. the company has been doing things that get on my nerves more and more the last few years. some things of which i kina understand that they had to do to keep things going but i still feel that it is at a higher cost than they think. (the hardcore fans that stuck up for them and su
  10. side ------ as in "can't hit the side of a barn!"
  11. nice, let me know how that version is doing. i just downloaded the previous version yesterday since that's the 1 i'm gona try first on my new computer as soon as the parts get here.
  12. i'm personally not a fan of light wieght front wheel drives, i just don't like the feeling of how they drive and handle but boy oh boy is there alot of speed potencial there with such a killer wieght to power ratio. and it looks like you got 1 heck of deal and your doing your homework with finding parts. looks like you've got yourself a nice project there. good luck and may your speeding tickets be few and far inbetween.
  13. ok buddy *uses Linux Interface on weather machine to click and drag a safe zone around robroy*
  14. i was searching around for info on what Linux Distro to put on my new computer and i came across this last night. i of course know about the company but i didn't know that they had a free OS. any of you guy ever try it or what do you think about it?
  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY!!! here's a little birthday card for you Birthday Card
  16. ok here's the deal straight up. i'm really hooked on playing World of Warcraft. in fact i just ordered parts to build a gaming machine. i've been using Linux on my PCs and Windows when i have too. what emulators do you guys use to run Windows programs especially games or is it too much of a drag on the system to run both for large programs like games? i've been looking at a program called CrossOver
  17. hmmm is that a Beta version or has Vist come out for you guys yet?
  18. i've actually had some good luck with them, as far as people being interested at least. about 75% of what i've put on there at least gets some questions. most people are jsut kinda looky loos through.
  19. yeah it looks like i'm gona just put the HP guts into the bare case with neon lights and and add an extra fan. it's missing the large plastic bezel on the front that covers everything and i'm jsut trying to sell it for as much as i can to help pay for another PC i'm building. so sine i have this extra nice looking case sitting around that's what i'm thinking of using instead of buying a new case for the HP. i'm gona try selling it on craigs list for a week with out doing anything to first. but if that doesn't work then i'm gona need a screw driver.