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    Happy Birthday Kat

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAT!!!!!!!!! Hope you had a great day!
  2. Just registered Looking Good
  3. Hey everyone! I already posted at BC and G2G, but Jeff wanted me to post here. Heres the deal: Whenever I press a key on my keyboard, it freezes the mouse. Everything still runs in the backround though. In the device manager, it says that the keyboard conficts with the mouse on I/O 0060-0060 and 0064-0064. Its a Dell Latitude C540, with a built in keyboard and touchpad and dot thingy in the middle. I tried setting the bios to default. Also, I can't change the I/O ranges. They're grayed out Thanks,
  4. Hi, Please download the Killbox by Option^Explicit. Note:In the event you already have Killbox, this is a new version that I need you to download. Save it to your desktop. Please double-click Killbox.exe to run it. Select "Delete on Reboot then Click on the "All Files" button. [*]Please copy the file paths below to the clipboard by highlighting ALL of them and pressing CTRL + C c:\winnt\system32\xau.exe c:\winnt\system32\cddrv32.exe c:\program files\common files\system\ms1src.exe c:\winnt\system32\owsyphaq.exe [*] Return to Killbox, go to the File menu, and choose "Paste from Clipboar
  5. Hi, Please download the Blaster.C removal tool from here, and save it to your desktop. Close all windows and run "FixBlast.exe". Click the "Start" button and let the tool run. Reboot, and run the tool again. Download Brute Force Uninstaller. Unzip it to it’s own folder (e.g. c:\BFU) RIGHT-CLICK HERE and choose "Save As" (in IE it's "Save Target As") in order to download EGDACCESS Remover. Save it in the folder you made earlier (e.g. c:\BFU) Copy the text below into notepad and save it to the desktop as findEGDA.vbs Make sure "Save as Type" says "All files (*.*)" Go to the desktop and doubl
  6. Hi, You are using an outdated version of HijackThis. Please download HijackThis version 1.99.1 from here: http://besttechie.net/tools/HijackThis.exe make sure to unzip it to a permanent folder. Then please run HijackThis, click Scan and Save log, and post the new log here. Most of what HijackThis lists is harmless or essential to the system, so please to not make any manual changes. Danny
  7. Hi, Can you please try this: Please download Look2Me-Destroyer.exe to your desktop. Close all windows before continuing. Double-click Look2Me-Destroyer.exe to run it. Put a check next to Run this program as a task. You will receive a message saying Look2Me-Destroyer will close and re-open in approximately 10 seconds. Click OK When Look2Me-Destroyer re-opens, click the Scan for L2M button, your desktop icons will disappear, this is normal. Once it's done scanning, click the Remove L2M button. You will receive a Done Scanning message, click OK. When completed, you will receive this message: Don
  8. Please download the Killbox by Option^Explicit. Note:In the event you already have Killbox, this is a new version that I need you to download. Save it to your desktop. Please double-click Killbox.exe to run it. Click on the "All Files" button. Please copy the file paths below to the clipboard by highlighting ALL of them and pressing CTRL + C C:\WINDOWS\System32\ivssuba.dll C:\WINDOWS\System32\r0r60a9sed.dll C:\WINDOWS\System32\kgdsf.dll C:\WINDOWS\System32\ibdetect.dll C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ibdetect.dll C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ivssuba.dll C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\kgdsf.dll C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\logonu~
  9. Ok, Click Start-> Click Run-> Copy the text below into the Open Run Box and Click OK. sc delete sysbus32 Click Start-> Right Click My Computer and Select Properties-> Click Hardware-> Click Device Manager Once the Device Manager Opens-> Click View-> Click Show Hidden Devices Scroll down that list and Double Click Non-Plug and Play Drivers Scroll that list-> Locate 32bit system bus driver-> If found-> Right Click and Select Uninstall. Please download the Killbox by Option^Explicit. Note:In the event you already have Killbox, this is a new version that I need you to
  10. Hi, Matt is away, so I'll take over for him. Lets try the manual fix. Download finditnt2000xp.zip. Unzip the contents of finditnt2000xp.zip to a convenient location. Navigate to the Find It NT-2K-XP folder and double-click on find.bat. A command prompt will open and it will search your computer for malicious files. Once it has finished a Notepad window will pop up with output.txt. Copy the entire contents of output.txt into your next post. Danny
  11. Hi, Can you find startuplist.txt then "Right click --> Send To --> Compressed Folder". Can you attach it to your post? Danny
  12. Aha! Found the problem Please download StartupList to your desktop. Double click the startuplist.zip to extract the files inside. When the new window opens, please double click on StartupList.exe A window will open that will begin listing all of the startups with icons and text. In the lower left hand corner, it will show the status. When it says "ready" in the bottom left corner, it has finished running. At the top of the window, click File>Save As and save startuplist.txt to your desktop. Close startuplist.exe window Post a copy of startuplist.txt in your next reply. Danny
  13. Anywho.. Please download the Killbox by Option^Explicit. Note: In the event you already have Killbox, this is a new version that I need you to download. Save it to your desktop. Please double-click Killbox.exe to run it. Select: Delete on Reboot then Click on the All Files button. [*]Please copy the file paths below to the clipboard by highlighting ALL of them and pressing CTRL + C (or, after highlighting, right-click and choose copy): C:\WINDOWS\hgkhch.dll C:\WINDOWS\sa22.dll C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\hksrv.dll C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\locate.com C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\perfont.exe [*] Return to Killb
  14. Umm.....Is there another part to that findqoo log?
  15. Lets try the manual removal. Hi, Please Download the following tools to assist us in removing this infection! Download WinPFindRight Click the Zip Folder and Select "Extract All" Extract it somewhere you will remember like the Desktop Dont do anything with it yet! [*]Download Track qoo Save it somewhere you will remember like the Desktop Reboot into Safe Mode Restart your computer and as soon as it starts booting up again continuously tap F8. A menu should come up where you will be given the option to enter Safe Mode. Doubleclick WinPFind.exe Click "Start Scan" It will scan the entire Syst
  16. Hi, Please follow the instructions provided, you may want to print out these instructions and use them as a reference. Please download ewido anti malware it is a free version of the program. Install ewido anti malware When installing, under "Additional Options" uncheck..Install background guard Install scan via context menu [*]Launch ewido, there should be an icon on your desktop, double-click it. [*]The program will now open to the main screen. [*]When you run ewido for the first time, you may get a warning "Database could not be found!". Click OK. We will fix this in a moment. [*]You will
  17. Dan


    Ok, We have a couple of last steps to perform and then you're all set. First, let's reset your hidden/system files and folders. System files are hidden for a reason and we don't want to have them openly available and susceptible to accidental deletion. Click Start. Open My Computer. Select the Tools menu and click Folder Options. Select the View tab. Under the Hidden files and folders heading UNSELECT Show hidden files and folders. CHECK the Hide protected operating system files (recommended) option. Click Yes to confirm. Click OK. Next, let's clean your restore points and set a new
  18. Hi, Open HijackThis, click the Scan button and check the following items: R0 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Local Page = R0 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Local Page = Close all windows except HijackThis, and click the "Fix Checked" button. Please do an online scan with Kaspersky WebScanner Click on Kaspersky Online Scanner You will be promted to install an ActiveX component from Kaspersky, Click Yes. The program will launch and then begin downloading the latest definition files: Once the files have been downloaded click on NEXT Now click on Scan Settin
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    Hi, Download and install CleanUp! NOTE: Do NOT run this program if you have XP Professional 64 bit edition. If you're unsure please do not run it! Open Cleanup! by double-clicking the icon on your desktop (or from the Start > All Programs menu). Set the program up as follows: Click "Options..." Move the arrow down to "Custom CleanUp!" Put a check next to the following (Make sure nothing else is checked!): Empty Recycle Bins Delete Cookies Delete Prefetch files (if present) Cleanup! All Users Click OK Press the CleanUp! button to start the program. It may ask you to log-off/reboot at the en
  20. You can provide your own wheeled vehicle... Any angle, but it can't be over 18" by 18"
  21. Well, Thanks to everyone's input, my cardboard bridge worked...barly At first I used double corregated cardboard, and I wasn't allowed to use that (I didn't know..) so I had to rebuilt it in a weekend...but it worked! I got a 43/40 For my next project... The "Incline" Project Option 1 You are building an incline(ramp) out of any materials that you desire Max Size: 18" x 18" Using a wheeled vehicle on the ramp, you have to calculate at which points, how far the vehicle will go You need to calculate how far it'll go from 1 - 10 ft. We need testing results from 1,3,5,7 ft Basic trig will be ne
  22. Hi, Open HijackThis, click the "Scan" button, and check the following items: R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Bar = http://results.dashbar.com/search?c=27440&...〈=en R1 - HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Search Page = http://red.clientapps.yahoo.com/customize/...//www.yahoo.com R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,Default_Search_URL = http://red.clientapps.yahoo.com/customize/...//www.yahoo.com R1 - HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main,CustomizeSearch = res://C:\PROGRA~1\SEARCH~1\toolbar.dll/sa R1 - HKLM\Software\Micro
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    Link Exchange

    Looks like a good idea My forums are down atm.. Site: Tech with DK Description: Tech Help..Forums are down, as well as some pages No Buttons or Banners avalible atm.... My Site should be up in the next week...I'll keep you posted..
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    Yep Stupid tivo should've known
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    Uh..Can you post a new HJT log as a reply as well as the ActiveScan report. Danny