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  1. Around Philly, and the highways, everyone goes over. The limit is 55, and my mom is going 75. I remember seeing a video where 5 people took cars and drove on the highway at exactly the speed limit, right next to each other. No one could pass, and it was going really slowly. In florida, I see signs that say "Speed Limit: 60 mph ; Min Speed: 45 mph". I think that the min speed should be at least 50, and that everyone should try to adopt that. Danny
  2. Dan

    Old Fellows

    haha marty! I got everything except the last question. Thanks for sharing Danny
  3. We'll find out soon enough (hopefully) I think that they'll be good quality and possibly protected. If they're protected, that'll suck though, but at least you'll have it on your computer.
  4. Nice! I haven't seen your old site, but this one looks good! Danny
  5. Hey Honda_Boy, Congrats on going to college. Good luck! Danny
  6. Yeah, It installed fine, launched fine, and played fine for a few minutes, and then all of the controls were delayed by about 3 seconds :/ I don't know what happened. When I have time to install it, I'll probably play
  7. Thank you everyone We will stay safe. I actually like the colder weather and rain here. It cuts down on all of the heat and humidity. I will I'll just exaggerate some points haha Thanks, Danny
  8. Haha...I've tried CS, but it didn't run that well on my lappy. I personally like Unreal Tournement, and I used to play that before I had to format, and I lost all of my data
  9. I hope it works Thanks for the info. Danny
  10. Well, its Hurricane time! Our hotel has borded the front windows, and it just started to rain, and its really windy. My mom and I still might go out for lunch though. Hopefully my flight tomorrow won't be cancelled.
  11. Cool. I'll try it when i get home
  12. Wow! Nice Well in Miami/Key West/Southern FL, there is a hurricane watch, so tons of people are lining up at the gas stations. On the news there was a line where people had to wait up to 90 min to fill up at a Costco...Crazyness!
  13. Phil, An XP upgrade disk will install fresh as long as you have a copy of XP Home Full, XP Pro Full, 2k Full, etc. You don't need it installed. Is this true with Vista? EDIT: BTW those are canadian prices The US prices are as follows:
  14. Yeah, when I build a PC (when I get money..) I'd need help with that! Sounds good
  15. Hey mac, Sounds like a cool game. My friend has a copy so I'll try it when I get home Danny
  16. eh...looks like the hurricane changed paths Now its coming over miami the night of our flight I hope we don't have to evacuate
  17. The high here was about 95, but I'm about to go to the beach now
  18. I was coming back from this Airboat ride, and I saw in downtown Miami that it was $3.45!!! I couldn't belive people were actually filling up there, when about 3 blocks down there was a gas station with $2.96...haha
  19. In Miami its still about $3.10, and in Philly its probably the same. In the poconos (the mountains), its about $2.85 probably. Hopefully it'll get cheaper soon.
  20. Uh oh...looks like a hurricane might hit western FL, so I'm hoping that Miami doesn't get hit :/
  21. wow! 5 levels of biometrics! Some great security there, and they have 20+ K Volts coming in! Thats amazing! And look at that fan! haha I'd love to be in that room! Thanks for the video