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  1. nah it doesn't break alot.. I just dropped it
  2. Hey everyone, Well for Xmas, my mom got me a brown zune I really like it..mostly because of the big 3" screen. But here is my story... So I get my Zune and I sync all of my music to it. Its working perfectly until one of my friends scratches the screen :/ Then I send it back and get another one. The 2nd one I was syncing the songs and then was carrying my laptop in one hand, a plate in the other, and the zune on the laptop, and it fell off, so I couldn't really sync it anymore. I spent 2 hrs on tech support and they said I should return it. Now Amazon is "investigating" it...haha...My mom now
  3. Dan


    I guess I have to say goodbye as well haha
  4. Hi everyone, I want to sell my old mp3 player for some money, and I was wondering how much you think I could get for it. It is a Creative Zen Touch, 20 GB, with 1,200some songs. It works just fine, and is just a little scratched up on the case. Thanks for your input, Danny
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    As We Mature

    haha nice Cool mouse
  6. Hey, I personally like the 2nd one better Everything is bigger there, and attracts more attention. Danny
  7. haha wow how'd they do that? And yes, that gets really annoying, but thanks for sharing
  8. Happy Birthday Mandy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that you and Jeff keep on chillin like you do! You two are perfect for eachother and will make eachother happy I'm glad you found eachother BTW, now you're not a minor lol Danny
  9. Wow I'm glad both of you are ok. Sorry about your civic, RIP. Danny
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    Hi, Welcome to the forums! First, Download LSPFix.exe to a convenient location. Do NOT run this program. This is only to be used if you lose Internet Access after removing NewDotNet. To Get rid of NewDotNet, go to: Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs and remove the following: New.Net Applications or New.Net Domains (anything that says New.Net) If it is not there, go here and follow Procedure 4: NewDotNet Removal Procedure 4. In the event that you lose Internet access after removing New.Net, please double-click LSPFix.exe that you downloaded earlier. You will see 2 panels.
  11. Happy late bday dude! Danny
  12. toys! (you know..the ones that you get after if you're a good boy )
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    Ride Mowers

    haha.... My mom would probably make me ride that thanks!
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    Awww >_<

    aww soooooooooooooo cute thanks for the pics
  15. haha! I feel sorry for the owners haha
  16. And they're proteted with DRM But at least you could play them Thanks bobbynichols
  17. You should write it, and then they'll decide
  18. ooh! yeah that was a "tropical storm" haha....now its a tropical depression. It looks like my flight won't be cancelled, so thats good. Everyone borded up their shops and stuff, and all we got was some wind and a bit of rain. Its worse in Philly right now, so I'm glad I'm here