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  1. We as Americans are expected to help. If we don't we get pulled in from an Alli which is assisting or from the jokes called NATO and UN. I say we tell them all to get $crew3d and sit back and wait for them to finish each other off. But that can't happen as we are descendants from every country out there fighting.
  2. And which President can have a vid like that to show he DID what he promised on the election trail? You can even expand on that and ask which politician held to the campaign promises during the duration of their term, you will get the same answer. none. Mike
  3. What do you want it to do? Wireless and PPoE? Linksys downloads has the manuals. If it has not been reset then there should be no need to reconfigure it. 1. Make sure it is not assigning DHCP on the same subnet as your modem. 2. Give it a unique SSID, this is what is displayed when looking for the wireless network. 3. Secure the wireless with at least WEP 4. Secure the wireless. 5. Change the password. 6. Oh and secure it. M
  4. I had a call today, a client was infected with AntiVirus 2010. I found it resides in C:\Doc & Set\All Users\Application Data\SysLoader.exe and C:\Doc & Set\All Users\Application Data\AV2010 Kill Sysloader from loading in startup then delete the file and folder above and scann with mbam. M
  5. Mine: If you expect me to return your call I expect you to leave a message. So many people kept complaining that I would not call them back. I pay for vmail so I use it. There are many time I call someone and if they don't answer no biggie, if I want them to return my call I wait through the vmail intro and leave my message. M
  6. https://express.gotoassist.com/ Citrix is handing out free gotoassist express beta accounts. I used gotoassist and I like it. I am waiting for someone to connect to to try the express version. Yes I know logmein is free but gta has more functionality, give it a try. M
  7. Some schools closed because of driving conditions. But for the most part roads are just wet, some bridges are closed. Temp at the house didn't drop below freezing, if it did it came up quick because at 7am it was 35*. Kids are bummed because they had school. M
  8. Been a while since this has happened. No big deal to many but in 38 years it has now snowed enough to make many snow men. Kids were up at 3:30, and they can't get up at 6:30 any other morning. M
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    Matt once you start working look into the courses the Uni offers. Some offer cuts for employees who attend the school. Some food for thought. M
  10. Best is only an opinion of the person giving said opinion. And everyone knows what opinions are compared to. No matter the program each has its downfalls. Now if the questions is which is the most popular with the users in this forum then you will see much of the same results, because again they are opinions. Mike
  11. Just two screws the first time around ain't that bad. As you do a couple more you start to see the similarities and logic in the construction. Now scrape together an old laptop to make a digital photo display for the wall. Mike
  12. The infection was tdss. I inadvertantly deleted the folder where I had everything saved. The machine is running 100% better than yesterday. I was able to clean a few infections with Dr. Web CureIt then after that I was able to install Malwarebytes and AVG. I have been doing this remotely and the users need to do some work for school tomorrow. I will tinker with it more this week late nights. Thanks for the input I did download Combo Fix to keep in the ol' Tool box. Mike
  13. Hey guys, I am working on a pc remotely that is infected. I am trying to get the logs for HJT from the machine to mine to post. The symtoms: When surfing you can go just about any where until the site comes to s security site like avg, notron and such. Anytime I try to download an AV scanner I get page cannot be found, no matter which scanner. If you try to install Malwarebytes, Spybot, or scanners the Run/Cancel window opens and after clicking Run nothing happens. Nothing obvious in the Task Manager. I did run HJT, Ccleaner, ATF cleaner, I have Dr. Web Cureit running now. Any thing I can loo
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    Congrats Matt, It is a bit scary to quit before having another. I recently left a job. It was a good job but after a while I was getting all the support calls. It was a small IP shop so I knew I would be carrying a good bit of the load but no one else could do basic troubleshooting or take messages. Then when the economy came up in the media the owner was nearly in a panic, wekk I was the next highest on payrol aside from the owner and I felt I had better set myself up somewhere else before I got paycuts. I found a job with people I have been knowing, doing the same theing, and they opened an
  15. Should take about 2-3 hours if you take your time. I have found that having a small amount of petroleum jelly. This when putting everything back the petroleum jelly on the tip of the screw drive will haold the small screws on while you line them into the holes. Be careful with the ribbon cables, but you know that. Tools small phillips head screw driver small flat tip, to pry the plastics if needed. note pad, for noting anything special like the black screws are for the plastics and the silver are for the lcd to the hinges (usually)... Good luck my friend. Mike
  16. Thanks, I worked until 11 pm on my birthday, hope that has some sort of mystical meaning in the Universe...
  17. Bubba what are you using for the photo gallery. I have a client wanting to make a gallery on their site.
  18. Go Rock Port, In California the liberals are crying because the wind mills are killing the bird migrating through the wind mill farm. Mike
  19. THAT'S for sure! Wait, just remembered a friend who is so skittish he automatically clicks "Cancel," whether it's a valid process or not! ----- I was doing a server install this week and an employee said she does not have AV on her laptop, has not had any AV for the last three years. Her reasoning..."Only people with anti virus programs get virus!" My reply..."Only people who go to the doctors get sick." Can't wait to clean that machine, figure she should get an addition charge for stupidity. Mike
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    Thanks Joe, I wish I had time to get out and take in the countryside, I had quite a few people wishing they could come with me so they can play golf here. Well here goes another eight hours of instruction. M
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    I am in Pheonix...well really Scottsdale for training. Not the same as Louisiana that is for sure. The cityscape is totally different. People are nice enough. Hotel is clean and internet has decent speed... Looking to finish the training and get back home by Saturday midday. Mike
  22. I have some screwed up log in attempts and I would like to clear these out without clearing ALL cache from Firefox and IE7. Any suggestions? Would a password manager harvest the passwords from the cache? Mike
  23. A couple hours a night a few times a week and the company paid like $150 for me to site for the test. I am workinng on MCDST, it is a 2 test cert. once you pass one test you are a MCP. To have the cert MCDST I need to pass the 2nd test. I used Specialized Solutions for training along with on hand experience. As far as the maintenance agreement it will work out for those who you see more than once. I look forward to working with you on this. It can help when business gets slow. M
  24. Shane, Put together a maintenance agreement. Use a vnc type of software to remote in to the pc's, this way you can have a few jobs running. You can have multiple billable hours for one man hour. Email me or PM me and I can go over some of the things we do. I would not want to cross the line for the board usage. Mike
  25. Another satisfied customer.....Shane gats his commission check this week.